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NFT Creation for Free!

  • April 6 2023
  • Shamsher

NFT Creators can take control of their content and create their own NFTs for free with Nfinity, a cutting-edge NFT creation and management platform that frees them from the constraints of social media platforms.You have access to two strong products through Nfinity: the Nfinity Mint for producers and the Nfinity App for users.

With the help of the extensive toolkit Nfinity NFT Mint, producers can easily increase traffic, develop their brands, and manage their digital collectibles. Creators may quickly tokenize their current social media content using Nfinity Mint and publish a wide variety of NFT-based artwork in a matter of minutes. It also provides a comprehensive set of tools to help creators drive traffic, enhance their brand, and manage their digital collectibles with ease.

Creators can quickly tokenize their existing social media content and launch various NFT-based artworks in just minutes.

With our end-to-end solution, creators can design and launch digital collectibles with a loyalty program for holders, maximizing interactions with their loyal followers and increasing their core user lifetime value through exclusive perks and benefits.

Creators can also earn additional income from the sales of their digital collectibles.

Nfinity NFT Ceration App——nft art creation services for free, a mobile-friendly app, revolutionizes NFT accessibility and gives non-crypto consumers a seamless experience.

  • Users can easily access exclusive content, products, and experiences and stay connected to their favorite creators/influencers by exploring a vast array of NFT offerings.
  • Through smart contracts on blockchain, users can truly own a piece of the community and see the value of their NFTs increase as they progress through the loyalty program, encouraging them to remain engaged with the creators.

Social media sites typically possess the majority of the content on the internet nowadays, giving content creators a considerably lower portion of the value they are due to.
But, Nfinity differs from other NFT creation tools since it enables users to turn their social media posts into NFT assets.

Nfinity uses cutting-edge NFT and decentralized technology to empower creators. Creators can give us permission to view their work on social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube after registering with Nfinity. Afterward, using our unique technology, their content will be instantly imported and tokenized as NFTs on a blockchain. It takes a fraction of the time to turn all social network posts into digital assets for the author, and it’s totally free!

To take advantage of NFT art creation services of Nfinity and own your NFTs, simply follow these straightforward steps.

Step 1: Start by visiting the content import page, which can be easily accessed from our platform’s main menu.

Step 2: Next, choose the social media platform where your desired content is located and click on the connect button. Select the start time and end time of the social media content to be converted.

Step 3: Review the content you want to transform into NFTs, and select up to 20 pieces of content to transfer each time. Once you’re satisfied with your selection, confirm your choices.

Step 4: Finally, publish your NFTs and start enjoying the benefits of owning unique digital collectibles that can be easily traded, shared, and enjoyed by your followers and fans alike.

By following these easy steps, you can create your very own NFT collection in a quick and efficient manner, which will open up a whole new world of opportunities for engagement, revenue generation, and creative expression. Our platform offers a user-friendly process that is easy to navigate, and signing up for an account is hassle-free. Once you’re registered, you’ll have access to a wide range of tools that will help you launch up to 50 NFTs for free in the form of a polygon.
The process is simple: you can import your content multiple times and modify your account settings as needed. This means that you can easily switch between accounts and make any necessary changes to your NFT collection. Once your NFTs are launched, your content will be automatically transferred into NFTs and can be found on the “Content Import” tag within the platform. This feature allows you to easily access and manage your NFTs, track their performance, and make changes as needed. With this powerful platform at your fingertips, you can create NFTs that are both beautiful and functional, and showcase your work to the world.

Nfinity HELPS You Promote the NFTs after NFT creation

One of the most efficient promotion techniques is public relations, which refers to developing a positive reputation within the community by sharing favorable information about you and your NFT collection. Also, it could be promoted by online advertising, including publications in niche newspapers and appearances on crypto podcasts, as well as social media promotion.
For NFT creators, growing a loyal community could be vital for promotion since these people will constantly support them, spread the word about them, invest in them and willingly buy their NFT creations. The most meaningful way to demonstrate the value of creating NFT assets is to purchase them.

Using social media could help since users can post the links to their digital goods across their personal and the NFT marketplace’s social media, which makes sense if creators are trying to attract the biggest collectors. Users can create personal profiles on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord to promote their NFTs, build a reputation, and increase public awareness. These platforms have already developed communication channels for the cryptocurrency community. As a result, they can meet some influential people and artists with whom they can cooperate or journalists from well-known publications who are eager to write about them and their NFT collection.

The promotion of NFT creators may depend on building a strong community of supporters who will actively support them, help spread the word about them, invest in them, and buy their NFT products.
Whether you’re an artist, a musician, or a content creator, our platform provides you with the tools and resources you need to create a stunning NFT collection. So why wait? Sign up for an account today and start exploring the exciting world of NFTs!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Is the Price to Sell an NFT?
    After being listed, the NFT ought to have a special URL you can share with others. When a sale is made, sellers must pay a small fee to the NFT marketplace. For instance, Binance charges a 1% platform fee in addition to additional costs, whereas OpenSea charges a flat 2.5% of the sale price. After customers pay for digital collectibles, the money—net of commissions agreed to pay to Nfinity—directly reaches the creator’s wallet on Nfinity.But, you have the option to include a royalty fee when you establish the NFT, which gives you a cut on each sale of your NFT. Up to 10% of every sale can go to the creator.
  • In Finity Can I Create a Non-fungible Token (NFT) for Free?
    Yes. You can produce and list non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the majority of platforms like Nfinity without paying anything.
    Nfinity supports free NFT creation, while creators can convert their social media posts to NFT for free. However, there is frequently a transaction cost associated with selling an NFT. Also, some NFT blockchains charge users network fees in order to mint NFTs for their blockchains. The gas tax that Ethereum levies varies depending on blockchain and network activity and consists of a base fee per work unit plus a tip.
    The Polygon blockchain, on the other hand, levies a small price for batch minting but levies no fees for single mints.
  • Where Can I Get NFT Images?
    Digital images uploaded to an NFT platform are known as NFT images. JPEG, PNG, and even animated GIF images are among the many image formats that are supported by the majority of devices. There are numerous ways to make these images. However, in order to create the initial NFT image, the NFT platform needs to support the upload format.
  • Do NFTs Have Copyright Protection?
    Sure, unless fair use regulations apply.
    As soon as a picture, soundbite, film, document, or other original work is created, copyright is granted. The owner of the copyright is the creator. Owning the copyright to an NFT does not transfer upon purchase; the creator retains that right.
    Congress is currently debating how copyright protection and NFTs should be understood as of July 2022, though.

Come and join us to create NFT for free!

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