How to Create an Awesome Logo To Immortalise Your Brand

Creating an Awesome Logo To Immortalise Your Brand

Designing Logo for Your Brand

Creating a logo is never an easy process. A logo is not merely a good combination of colours, design and text. It gives visibility to your brand. It brings your brand closer to the people, to the masses in a way that it gets embedded in their subconscious. So much so that even after years of a product not being there, the logo keeps the brand alive. Consequently in instances of a new product launch, people can immediately connect it to the brand with the help of the logo.

But logo making is quite a difficult and thought provoking process wherein there has to be absolute sync between the vision and mission of a company brand and the logo design. In-fact as time progresses, the logo becomes infinitely more identifiable than the brand itself.

Some logo designing tips:

There are certain thumb rules which, if and when followed, make it easier to design an awesome logo.  They are:

  • Simplicity: The main purpose of the logo is to create a visual impact. It should have the power to
    • Capture the attention of potential customers and
    • Jolt the existing customers into acknowledging its existence.

Frankly speaking, logos are not a test of a designer’s illustrative and typographic skills. It is more a way of presenting a message in a simple manner. Cluttered up logos are also difficult to make and remember. Hence logos work best when they are simple presentations.

  • Purpose: Defining the purpose for designing the logo and its target audience ensures that the logo design is
    • Relevant to the company it represents,
    • Flexible and adaptable enough to target diverse sections of the customer base and
    • Dynamic so that there is ample scope of change and development.

Of course this does not necessarily mean that the logo of a restaurant chain has to represent food. A subtle hint is enough to connect a logo to the company.

  • Versatility: The logo is released over a wide variety of media from the print media to the broadcast media and even the internet. Hence it is very important for the logo to be versatile. Only then will it be able to gain the required popularity.  To get a good logo, it should be designed in
    • Vector format to make it scale to almost any size and
    • In black and white so that priority can be given to the concept and shape of the logo.

Colour is subjective by nature and narrows down the impact of the logo. Care should thus be taken to ensure that the logo designed can transcend above its need for a colourful depiction.

  • Originality: One definite way to make a logo gain prominence is to think out of the box. In other words the popularity of a logo hinges on its uniqueness. The reason is very simple. A unique logo remains in the minds of the people for a long time. It also makes the logo instantly recognisable by giving mundane objects a mould of boldness.
  • Story Behind: Every logo should have a visual double entendre; it should have a story to tell not apparently but subtly. It is a mind game which keeps the people engaged and guessing thus ensuring that the logo stays in their memory for a long time. It is a very clever technique which if used properly makes people fall in love with the meticulous ideology that goes into the making of a great yet simple logo.
  • Physical attributes: Mood, typography, proportion and symmetry are the four important physical attributes of a logo. While the mood of the logo depends on the font and the colour scheme used while custom lettering brings about an edge to the typography used. Proportion and symmetry have to be well-balanced in order to increase the appeal of the logo. The positive use of negative space in a logo also helps to bring about a harmony which is both visually and mentally appealing.

A company’s logo is a recognition tool for the public to link their services or products to the company. In other words, it is part of a company’s branding.

Here is Few Big Brand Logos:


Common logo design mistakes to be avoided

There are some very common mistakes which the designer makes very easily if he is not careful. Some of the important ones are:

  • Visual representation without colour has no impact at all. Since colours have a way of touching the deeper emotions and feelings of people, its power should never be underestimated.
  • Innovation is a limitless concept but a logo designer should know the boundaries to which he can comfortable innovate. While simplicity forms the essence of every logo, innovation should always be done in tandem with it.
  • Predictability tends to be boring. Hence the use of clichéd designs should be avoided at all cost.

Conclusion: Logo is first identity of your brand But even when you’re designing a logo for a new company or brand, it’s a huge challenge to create something that will grab attention so take time hire some experiance graphic designer and create a unique and immortal logo for your startup/brand.

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