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How to create a Customer Friendly Landing Page

Creating a Customer Friendly Landing Page

It is essential for you to create a customer friendly landing page for the reason that landing pages are your main lead making devices. Landing pages the fundamental feature of online marketing and appears in reply to clicking on an ad, following an email link, or scanning a QR Code. Bad landing pages can create a lot of issues as well as bring you losses in many ways. Bouncing is one of the issues that you might face if you fail to create a customer friendly landing page.

Bouncing denotes the going back of customers to where they came from. It is certain that the bouncing can guide your quality score descend. Keep in mind that when your quality score your ads on Google can turn out to be more costly descends, . Hence, apart from losses or quality score, you will face losing money. So, creating a customer friendly landing page can reduce your bid and will increase conversion.
customer friendly landing pagecustomer friendly landing page

Why do you need
Customer Friendly Landing Page?

A landing page is a page a user reach on your website subsequent to clicking an advertisement. So, everybody should understand that if they wish to convert visitors, they have to create effective and customer friendly landing page. When a customer gets there on your landing page, you have not many seconds to draw their attention. However, user-friendly and useful landing pages can do the job for you with no trouble. A great landing page will be customer friendly and enhance conversion rates. Following are some of the tips that help the marketers to identify how to create a customer friendly landing page:

  • Use Related Ad Text & Keywords

You should apply related ad text and keywords on your landing page. When you effectively match your keywords and ad text with your destination page, the more your customers will be fond of you and convert.

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  • Keep It Short

You should make sure to keep your landing pages short and to the point. None of the clients will be interested in getting through the contents that are long and overwhelming. A landing page should present all the essential information, but not so much as to bore the visitor. Use lists, colored parts and graphics to emphasize features and value propositions.

  • Mobile Friendly

These days more than30% of all web activity originates from mobile and therefore, you have to focus on making you landing page mobile friendly. Try to make clients feel great on mobile devices especially effortless to navigate, quick loading, and very clickable.

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  • High-Quality Content

You have to provide high-quality content in your landing pages in order to draw the attention of the visitors. Make use of the keywords you have in your title tags inside your page content. Rich and helpful contents in your landing pages will guide more visitors to your site. You have got ensure that the contents you include in landing pages are relevant and to the point. Don’t make any effort to make the clients overwhelm by including irrelevant and long contents when you try to make high-quality content.

  • Specific Landing Pages

You should ensure to create specific landing pages for different offers since it can make so easy for the visitors to spot your offers one by one.  Many of the inexperienced marketers often direct all of their traffic to their homepage which is a huge mistake because it can create confusion amid visitors. Bear in mind that specific landing pages personalized to dissimilar offers are vital for presenting a quality experience for visitors. It can also help the marketers to drive conversions with a specific note that goes well with each visitor’s requirements.

  • Organized Design

The function of a landing page is to convert visitors originates from marketing campaigns quickly. The main issue is that landing pages normally fall short to satisfy the expectations of the visitor. So, it is imperative that all ingredients of your landing page work towards the conversion intention. An organized design will have a massive influence the success of your landing page and how it brings conversions. Focus on making an organized design with the smart use of color and striking images in your landing pages.

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  • Trust Elements

Consumers will definitely go back from anything that isn’t fascinating to them. It guides businesses to be creative and come up with methods to capture consumer attention. Generally, marketers used to make a mistake by giving less importance to trust elements. Obviously, trust elements are very important part of a landing page and it can enhance your conversion rates. Trust elements contain customer reviews, testimonials, privacy policies, business certifications, awards etc. Many visitors used to get through these elements in order to avoid their doubts and confusions. If you can clarify doubts and confusions of visitors by means of trust elements, the more visitors you can convert.

  • Unique Features

You have to mention unique features in your landing page. Focus on demonstrating your unique selling point on your landing page. A customer should be convinced to use your services and persuade them to choose your service over a competitor by present unique features of your service. When you communicate it clearer, the better will be the conversion rate on your site.

  • Don’t Mess Your Page

You have to maintain text and visuals to a minimum to make clients comfortable. In excess of visuals and texts can make your page messy and can cause distractions to clients.


Conclusion: keeping your landing page visitor and customer friendly is very important to get more conversion from your PPC or email marketing campaign. your customer should not confused when they visit your page and can provide information easily using lead generation form without any distraction.

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