List of 8 Best Content Marketplace to Join As a Freelance Writer

Freelancer content marketplaces offer an alternative platform for hiring people with different writing skill sets to work on content writing projects as part-timers. The blogger community and the agencies prefer content marketplaces to hire quality content writers rather than hiring someone in the traditional way. There are plenty of content writing websites for content writers to get projects to work on as part-timers as well as full-timers. They can offer their services in different price ranges and skill sets, filter through projects to select the ones they are interested in and withdraw their earnings in their bank accounts conveniently.  Bloggers and agencies can find writers as per their requirements, budget, and time period of their projects. Here are the 6 best freelancer content marketplaces and content tools for ideation to find endless quality projects and services.

  1. ContentMart

ContentMart has emerged as one of the best content writing websites in the last couple of years. There are over 50,000 freelance writers. To segregate quality content writers from amateur ones, ContentMart provides Verified Badge to the writers who can qualify through their tests. Furthermore, you can hire content writers according to their skills by reviewing their profiles where their specialty niches are verified as well. You can also go through their samples and reviews so that you can be sure that you are hiring a writer who can fulfill all your requirements perfectly.

Apart from posting your projects for content writers to bid on with their proposals, you can also avail the services provided by hand-picked high-quality content writers from Writing Packages section. ContentMart charges 20% of commission from content writers while the clients do not have to pay any commission at all which is why most of the bloggers and agencies prefer the platform. Most importantly, the platform offers plagiarism checks, SEO report, and spelling and grammar checks for contents submitted by content writers for every project.

Join ContentMart

  1. Constant-Content

This is another popular and dedicated content marketplace with over 1,00,000 quality writers. There are two different ways to get content from this platform. Clients can search for writers with specific writing skill sets and request a custom order. They can also post a project for all writers to see and post their articles for consideration. Otherwise, they can search through the database of articles based on their keywords and buy those articles instantly. Constant-Content ensures that all the articles are unique, plagiarism-free, and SEO-friendly.

Content writers have to pass a short test to be able to compete for projects and upload their articles for sale. It is one of the best content writing websites for all the content writers out there due to the presence of the facilities to put up uniquely written articles for sale at desired prices to attract clients. Constant-Content charges 35% of the article price which is on the higher side.

Visit Constant Content

  1. iWriter

iWriter is quite a different type of content writing website with a very high potential for earning good money. To be a writer on iWriter, you have to submit your application and once accepted, you will start as a standard writer. The more you write, the better chances you have to go up the rank and ultimately become an elite writer. It depends on the reviews and ratings of the clients. The better your average rating gets, the higher your rank goes and you can find better-paying assignments. Basically, projects are made available for bidding based on the pay and writers’ ranks.

Because of this ranking process, clients prefer iWriter all the time as they do not have to judge themselves and completely depend on the ranking level system. There are high chances for the writers to get repeat clients more often. Standard writers get minimum $1.1 for 150 words, premium writers get minimum $2.2 and elite writers get minimum $3.44 for 150 words.



PayPerContent is a unique content marketplace where you can get as many projects as you want but you can get one at a time. During the signup process, you have to take a short test and write a sample for approval from the editor. There are high-paying projects available on the platform as their editorial team is very strict about the quality of content. Your contents do not go to the client directly as their editorial team scrutinizes them and hence, there could be many occasions when you will have to rewrite.

Once you sign up successfully, you will automatically get projects and you can select one and finish that within 8 hours. There is no negotiation of prices and no commission taken by PayPerContent as it is already priced in while posting the projects in the pool.

Try PayPerContent


Dotwriter is a premium content marketplace with all the features of a complete freelancing website. Clients can pick articles posted by the writers as per categories or keywords. They can order bulk projects to dotWriter directly and dotWriter has writers who can deliver them in the due time. Furthermore, agencies can hire writers by posting their project for bidding or directly contacting the writer of their choice.

There are different categories of writers based on the ratings and number of projects done. At standard level, you will get 2 cents/word and at premium level, you will get 4 cents/word and at gold level, you will get 5 cents/word. DotWrter takes away 20% as a service fee or commission.

Earn at DotWriter


ArticleSale is one of the best content marketplaces available currently. All you have to do is write any article of your choice that you think will attract attention from clients. After completion, you have to submit the article and it will be listed and put up for sale. Clients search for quality articles with keywords and topics and if they are interested in your article, you will buy it.

It is a 100% free platform and hence, there is no commission involved. You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal account.

Buy/Sale Articles Here

  1. Zerys

Zerys is a relatively new name for content writing website list. It is based on the traditional approach of posting a required job and letting the writers bid for the project and the agencies have to decide whom to pick after having conversations or going through profiles. There is an additional option of picking a writer directly without posting the required job through a post. They are very strict about deadlines which is why you have to complete at least 500 words every day for a specific project or else take a penalty like suspension. Furthermore, you have to submit a sample during the signup process so that you can rate you as per your quality. This rating helps the clients to pick writers as per their expectations.

There is no dearth of projects and quality writers and Zerys takes away 30% service fee from the writers which is on the higher side.



  1. is a creative community founded in September 2000, it has grown to be one of the largest and leading online writing website. Each day hundreds of new members join in the fun, and thousands of our current members welcome them with open arms. Writing.Com offers much more overall diversity in writing topics and styles, member opinions, peer-to-peer reviews, and social interaction than a smaller writing group with only a handful of members. is a  husband-and-wife venture who have been developing websites for a combination of 30 years. they use their pen names “The StoryMaster” and “The StoryMistress”. This was a play on “webmaster” and “webmistress” based on the original website name of Stories.Com. they provide pseudonyms known as handles and allow members to choose whether to use their real names or to keep their anonymity — whichever best suits their ability to be inspired and use their imaginations and by using this website you can signup and can get project according to your experience level.



If you are looking for content writers, you can choose any of these content marketplaces to find quality writers according to your requirements and budgets. Similarly, if you content writer and looking for part-time or full-time assignments, you can sign up for any or all of these freelancer content marketplaces and start earning some good money for your living.

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