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Content Marketing Job Interview Question-Answer for Beginners

If you are planning to explore content marketing as your career choice, it is the right place that you have come to, to get the answer of the most frequently asked questions in the interviews:

Here, we have published some important content marketing job interview questions

  • How do you write content in line with SEO?

Some SEO techniques that I consider while writing such content include maintaining an optimised keyword density, body tags, using a more user-friendly and short URL structure. Besides internal and external linking has also helped me in writing better content.


  • What is the best way to plan and schedule your content?

The first step is to figure out the marketing goal and thus, preparation of a content strategy post which the pool of topics is created. Then, we plan the frequency of publishing the content. All of this is then prepared in written on a content calendar that helps in sticking with the workflow on time.


  • What is the importance of guest blogging in the content strategy?

Guest blogging becomes important for content strategy because when we have renowned writers publishing on our platform, that redirects their followers to us. This is a big opportunity to hold them with our creativity.


  • What is the major difference between B2B and B2C content marketing?

The major difference between B2B and B2C content marketing lies in the tone of the service. While in B2B, the content uses a more professional approach, in B2C, the content is more connecting and conversational to ensure maximum conversions. Moreover, in B2C the topics tend to be more free-range. 


  • How do you build a topic pool for your content marketing strategy?

Some methods that I use to write and discover new and engaging topics are the identification of my target audience and their requirements, thoroughly researching keywords and associate keywords, planning the keyword density, keeping a check on the conversations on social media and competitors’ pages, and staying updated with the views of the subject matter experts.


  • How do you determine the flow of your content?

Building a story that suits the customer profile is one key strategy that often works. The flow of the content relies on the basic characteristics of the brand. The storyline revolves around a central and relatable character, the issues and how the brand is the appropriate solution for our customer.


  • Throw light on some common content marketing mistakes?

The most common mistake in content marketing is when the marketer tends to use the old school traditional marketing method of highlighting the product and brand. Rather the content marketer should focus on the needs of the customer with a problem-solving approach. The content should be adding value and not always selling the product or service.


  • How to engage more readers for your blogs?

There can be a two-way approach. One, writing the content in such a manner such that it is engaging- we can do this by using images, short paragraphs, simple language and indexing our blog. The other way to engage more audience is by aligning the social media content with our blog- it can be done by making attractive or intriguing creatives on the instapage or kickstarting thought-provoking conversations on Twitter.


Content marketing has an ocean of opportunities and therefore, can have a plethora of more questions. Keep your cool and take the questions by the interviewer with confidence. There is only a little that you are not aware of!

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