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3 Steps to Maintain Content Marketing focus for Long-term SEO Strategies

Developing an SEO-focused content marketing strategy depends heavily on continuous communication with other digital marketing strategies. This is because, in the middle of an SEO or content marketing campaign, consistency is important to ensure the audience does not receive conflicting communication. The biggest challenge comes in the fact that SEO is always changing, which places content marketing teams in a place where they must constantly leverage changing SEO details in their mostly-static execution.

To enable greater adoption and acceptance in the team, the following are ideas SEO experts can implement in communicating with content and other digital marketing teams:

  1. Attractive graphics and strong visuals – the same practices that you apply to speak to your public audience should be used in internal inter-team communications. Essentially, while experts in their own fields, you must explain why they should be interested in what you’re saying – in a way they can understand.
  2. Give ideas rather than dictating topics/headlines – rather than telling them to write about a specific headline or topic, you can give ideas based on target keywords, subjects, or themes, with examples of past content that has been created. This gives the content marketing team room to exercise their creative process while bearing in mind your ideas, instead of feeling like you’re infringing on their turf.
  3. Frequent feedback on efficacy –examine the efficacy of past work and use these statistics to encourage the adoption of ideas you are floating. Demonstration of performance is compelling evidence to direct a campaign in a certain direction, particularly if you’re looking to change course in favor of something different.

It is also worth mentioning that SEOs should be open to sharing their success and performance metrics with other digital marketing teams in addition to offering recommendations as listed above. Creating visual representations that are easy to digest can help spread your message quicker and make it more memorable.

Conclusion: In addition to the above, it is important to put in place daily, weekly and monthly update schedules. The SEO team identifies important information that other teams should be made aware of related to activities of other teams, industry news that impacts strategy and distribution of content among others. Customizing communications according to what each team needs will make the communication more meaningful – stick to what they need to know, rather than bombarding them with inane details.

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