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5 Common Search Engine Optimization Mistakes to Avoid

To be 5 years of experience in the SEO and Affiliate marketing field, we understand just how dynamic search engine optimization (SEO) is.

From Google’s constant algorithm messages to technological advances that continuously appear, there can be a lot to stay along with search results!

While there are many things you have to be doing to improve your SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION, keep in mind those factors you shouldn’t be doing. Here are 5  SEO mistakes you should avoid to stay in Google’s good graces.



Don’t be one particular person that says, “Oh we’ll go responsive after we redesign our website next year”.

Reactive design cannot wait! In April of the year, Google officially announced that mobile-friendliness is really a ranking factor. Responsive design allows your internet site to dynamically resize to fit it is being displayed.

This promises large, clickable links and easy-to-read text. Even in the event, you aren’t ready for a complete redesign, we highly recommend retrofitting your internet site for responsive design.



Whether you don’t develop the time or it just slipped the mind, leaving your Meta Data blank is really a huge mistake. Every page with your website (secondary, blogs, contact form, etc. ) should have an exclusive Meta Page Title and an exclusive Meta Page Description.

These tags are used to communicate to search engines what each page is centered on so that they may properly index your site in search results.

In improvement, this Metadata is what appears in search results, communicating to visitors what they can expect if they click by way of. Learn more about how to produce optimized page titles and Meta explanations.



Assuming that you know what your users are searching for can be detrimental to your current SEO strategy.

Businesses often use internal jargon they become desensitized to, quickly forgetting that the basic user is unaware of such language. For that reason, it is important to take what you realize and do some research.

Ask a third party to share their feedback, implement Google’s Keyword Planner Tool, or see what your competitors are doing. All of these tricks will let you discover what your users are in reality searching for.

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If you have taken the time to implement search engine optimization tactics then you are off to a great start! However, the biggest mistake you possibly can make from here is to not touch your site again until this time the upcoming year.

SEO is an ongoing process that needs real-time commitment.

Search engines like google expect to see constant adjustments, fresh content, new links, and other updates on a consistent foundation.

If you do not have someone who can be dedicated to SEO every week, at least set up bi-weekly reminders to post the blog, check for algorithm messages, and monitor your keyword search rankings.



Similar to ignoring SEO for another year would be updating your internet site content and then not touching it for months on end.

Search engines send out robots to crawl your internet site, looking for certain SEO indicators that can help them decide where to rank you in search results.

One such indicator is how often you update your internet site. Making no changes to your main content, blog posts, or MetaData over a long time period will signal to these robots you are inactive, and therefore, your information might be outdated.

Sites that update their content often are more likely to rank higher. If your site content is not something that alterations often, you can still hold content fresh through blogging, news articles, and/or events.

As you take on your company’s search engine optimization endeavors, keep these common mistakes in mind. If you need assistance having managing your SEO get free SEO Support

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