Classroom Training VS Instructor-Led Online Training VS Video Training

Classroom training is a traditional method of training that takes place in the classroom. This is a formal version of the training that is interactive. Whereas Instructor-Led online training is web-based can be attended by learners from an internet-connected device. And video training is very much in demand nowadays because this recorded video content can be accessed from anywhere & anytime.

Classroom Training

Classroom training is the most common type of training that everybody knows. It’s the training conducted in the classroom where teachers present the topics to the learners and learners can ask whatever their questions are.

Advantages of Classroom Training

  • Learners can ask questions directly to the instructor
  • Learners can interact with each other and can discuss the topic
  • This kind of training is helpful for complex and collaborative topics, for healthcare professional

Challenges of Classroom Training

  • Classroom training is costly in terms of money and time both
  • The retention rate of learners suffer in classroom training
  • This training cannot be accessed on demand
  • Need to give time away from work
  • Daily office work got interrupted

Instructor-Led Online Training

Instructor-led online training is web-based training where your device needs to connect with the internet. It also provides you both opportunities and challenges. Since it’s an online instructor-led training so you can practice while learning it in real-time.

Advantages of Instructor-Led Online Training

  • It saves time and money
  • There is better retention of the learner as it provides information in a small chunk instead of a complex method
  • It saves employee time away from work
  • This training method allows the learner flexibility to access the course at their convenience

Challenges of Instructor-Led Online Training

  • It is isolated learning there is no social interaction
  • There is no fixed routine and cannot teach interpersonal skills
  • Lack of inputs as the instructions are provided online

Video Training

Video training also comes under online training but no instructor required. It’s a pre-recorded video lecture. You can download it and can access anywhere anytime without any hassle.

Advantages of Video Training

  • It’s a pre-recorded video so you can access whenever or wherever you want
  • It’s too much cost saving as well as time-saving too
  • Video training is concise and to the point, topics are in small chunks so easy to understand
  • Video courses are enhanced by animation, infographics, visuals, and activities so you can get a wholesome knowledge
  • It can be tailored as per the specific requirement of the learner
  • This course is well suited for the remote learner, a person who is a frequent traveler
  • Since it is pre-recorded video training so the training can be paused, re-read, or can test out anytime what you already know

Challenges of Video Training

  • Instant clarification of doubt is difficult
  • Live debates and discussions are not possible


In today’s competitive and fast-paced environment everybody wants to save time and want to do the best in their field by gaining advanced knowledge. Although every training method has some pros and cons but in this digital era digital way of training method prevails. Nowadays video content or video training is in demand because of flexibility, cost-effective, time-saving, and most important for providing comprehensive knowledge. Now it’s up to you, you need to choose the right content delivery platform.


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