How to Choose the Right Domain Name for your Business

Choosing a domain name can be one of the essential steps in building your brand or business. Your domain name is often one of the first things someone sees and can affect their impression of your WooCommerce private store and brand. A carefully chosen domain name can increase user interest and drive web traffic, but a carelessly chosen one can do the opposite.

Importance of Choosing the Right Domain Name 

The online address of your website is called a domain name. Part of the more extensive Domain Name System (DNS) allows Internet users to enter a combination of words instead of a long string of numbers.

Your domain name is undoubtedly valid, but it’s more than that. In most cases, your domain is a customer’s first impression of your brand. Whether you are a freelance photographer, a small business, or an international organization, this is true. Therefore, your domain is almost as important as your logo and name.

A lengthy URL may seem like a wake-up call to potential customers. Also, users may no longer visit your site if it’s hard to remember. Therefore, your username should be short and memorable.

Please note that changing your domain name can be a difficult task. This is not impossible, but it can lead to unwanted consequences such as lost traffic and unnecessary downtime. With this in mind, it is wise to think carefully about your domain name from the beginning.

While it’s not an exact science, and there are a few specific rules, here are some guidelines for choosing a name that reflects and helps your brand.

  1. Domain Name Extensions (.com, .edu, .org)

When you choose a domain name extension, you can be sure of one thing: “.com” is better. According to Domain Name Stat, 37% of all domains have the extension “.com.”

Why? “.com” is the most familiar and easy-to-remember extension.

Although there are many successful websites with “.net” and “.org” extensions, your website may work better with the “.com” extensions. This is the safest bet. Our advice: use the .com domain. Try .net or .org if needed. If they are also busy, you better think of a new name. And about! – Avoid odd extensions like “.pec”, “.ace”, “.buz”, etc.

  1. Keep it Short

Although keywords are important, please don’t overdo it with paragraph length. It is better to have a short and memorable name. We recommend that your username be no longer than 15 characters. It’s harder for your users to remember.

Also, users will be more prone to misspellings and long domain names, leading to lost traffic. That’s why it’s good to keep your domain name short.

  1. Avoid Vague or Generic Options

While you want a clear, easy-to-remember name, you also don’t want to make it easy to get lost in the shuffle. Choose something catchy, memorable, and recognizable.

  1. Incorporate Keywords 

Keywords play an essential role in a category. Using keywords in your domain name tells search engines what your site is about. With good content and proper use, keywords in your category can help you rank higher on Google.

It is challenging to find a good site with your new keywords. You need to generate and combine keywords and other words to identify your domain.

  1. Easy to Pronounce & Spell

You can enter your username and remember it. However, new is not always good. If you change the spelling of a specific word to have a .com extension (or just for beauty reasons), you can confuse your audience.

While word of mouth is powerful, it is only effective if people can identify your group. It also makes the name easier to remember, increasing the chance that people will visit the site and pass it on to their contacts.

  1. Avoid Numbers & Hyphens

Each of these elements is another hurdle for users trying to navigate through them to find your site. You don’t need to remember these letters, and double letters can make a domain name confusing and hard to read.

In addition, all these elements can become typos when people try to find your business website online. If you are sharing your website with customers through word of mouth, it is more difficult to clearly define a domain name if it is mixed with spaces, numbers, and similar letters in a line.

  1. Keep it Unique 

The blog domain name should be unique so that you can stand out in the minds of your readers. It’s wise to research other blogs in your niche and find out what domain names they use.

You don’t want to use the domain name of another brand or be accused of plagiarizing others. If you are self-employed, you can always consider your work and website as part of your brand. You can also choose a more recognizable name. Brand names are unique, catchy, and memorable.

  1. Act fast

Domains are selling quickly, so you have to be fast. Luckily, most domain names are cheap, so book your favorite domain name ASAP. If you’re having trouble finding an available domain name, a local registrar like GoDaddy will recommend other domain names during your search to help you find the best domain name.

  1. Use Generators for Smart Ideas

There are currently more than 360 million registered names. This leads many people to say that all the good parts have been taken. Searching for a single domain name manually can be time-consuming.

This is where a domain name generator comes in handy. Free tools automatically search your keywords for hundreds of smart domain name ideas.

  1. Use a Domain Name Generator

Chances are you’ve already thought of a list of domain names. You may have even thought of the best. However, sometimes your username is not available.

Again, there is no need to worry. You can always get creative and make small changes to your group. If you’re having trouble finding inspiration, you can use various domain name generators available online.

This tool will prompt you to enter a few keywords and then provide you with an extensive list of possible categories. These options may include TLDs you’ve never heard of. 

However, be careful with some guidelines, as there are often signs or other elements you should avoid. Even if you don’t find a suitable name generator, one of the suggested options might give you a new idea.

Pro Tip: Don’t Miss Out on a Deal

The truth is that no matter how big or small your business is, you probably have a budget. What’s more, if you are running a small business or an employee, it may be a bit difficult.

Online prices may vary depending on the popularity of the option. In most cases, the group you select will be eligible for the lower advertised price. In other cases, the part you need may be called “Premium” and cost hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

If you think you’ve stumbled upon a great marketing strategy, don’t hesitate and act now!


Your URL offers an opportunity to leave an excellent first impression. This is why a domain name is so vital to the success of your website. So, if you’re ready to give a better name, keep these helpful tips in mind.

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