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How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name

Shakespeare once said that “What is there in the name?” but today internet has totally contradicted his saying.

Today, your domain name is one thing that makes your presence felt on the Internet and thus it is very vital that you choose it very wisely.

So here I am writing  5 steps to choose a good domain name for your blog:


1). Choose the right extension.

An extension is a suffix that is placed after your domain name and it eventually completes your URL. You can choose any extension as per your wish; however, it is always advised to go for “.com” extension.

If .com is not available you can go for .net or .in as well but try avoiding fancy extensions like .blog, .films etc.  These extensions not just take out the professional look but are also very hard to recall as well.

Most of the sites use “.com” extension because they are hugely popular among masses, even a not so tech savvy person searches any website using this extension. It is like the “ABC” of the “Domain name” language – Everyone knows it.

So, it is better to go for generic extensions rather than going for fancy extensions.


2). Keywords are your friend.

Yes, just like a true friend who always helps you to grow in life, correct keywords help your website to grow.

If your domain name is along with the lines of keywords matching your desired website content – “Trust me you have hit a jackpot”.

Also, keywords in your domain help you rank higher in Google.

Although it is very hard to find a domain name where the desired keyword is not already taken then a little hard work won’t hurt, right?

There are many tools and sites available on internet which can help you find keywords. Google ad planner tops the list of all.


3). Keep it short, catchy and easy to spell.

The domain names should always be kept short, crisp and catchy at the same time. It is advised to consider a domain name which should be under 15 characters. It becomes easy for the page visitors to recall your site if it is short and catchy.

Spellings play another Major role in defining the domain name. A simple spelling would avoid typo errors and hence result in declining rate of website traffic.

For example – If there is an e-commerce site which sells books and novels, so a site name “” can be much better rather than using a name ””.

The later one is long and boring while the previous one is short, easy spelled and catchy and would hit instantly with the masses.


4). Hyphens are a big no

Hyphens in a domain name should always be avoidable. Hyphens are majorly a sign of spam domains which give a malign impression to your visitors and are a big threat to your website image.

Hyphens also tend to create typo errors and hence affect your business. For example – you want to take a domain name “” but it is already taken so you decide to take a domain name “” but it is very obvious for any person to forget using hyphen when trying to reach your site and he will be taken to the other site and your potential visitors would be gone to someone else’s page to increase the traffic there.


5). Seek help from domain name generators

There are many domain name generators available online that help you to get you the desired domain name by giving you a variety of names to choose from. You just have to fill in some credentials and click on go and they will show you a list of names you may take up to get started with your website. It is the easy, accurate and time-consuming way of choosing domain names.

Some famous domain name generators are Lean domain search, Name mesh, Name station, Impossibility etc.


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