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How to Choose a Good Domain Registrar

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“The most attentive phase lies in the final step”

You make the content ready, you decide a domain name but now the most crucial thing is to decide a good domain name registrar who can provide the best of features to enrich your experience.

So there are some ways through which you can choose your ideal registrar:-


1). ICANN accredited

It is a thumb rule that you always choose a registrar that is ICANN accredited (Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers). An ICANN accredited registrar is much more trustworthy, reliable and strong as compared to that which is not accredited. ICANN also sets some rules for the registrars so that they can’t-do anything as per their wish and this ensures the protection of consumer rights of a registrant.



2). Contract
When you get a domain from a registrar, you sign up for a contract for one year, three-year, five years and so on. It totally depends on the plan you wish to opt for. All you need to be sure of is that you read the fine print in the service agreement before paying money. You should be sure about the expiration, renewal date, renewal fee, any service charges or not, any additional benefit given to you and if the transfer facility is available or not.
3). Transfers

There can be instances when you wish to transfer your domain responsibilities to another registrar, in this case, you need to be sure beforehand that your desired registrar provides this facility or not and if they do, is there any fee involved or not? Most of the registrars don’t allow the transfer before the completion of 60 days and some don’t allow it at all, so you need to be very careful when looking at transfer section.


4). Customer Support

As a customer, you expect some support from your registrar when in hassle. Thus, you need to check and verify the customer care services of the registrar before finalizing it.

5). Additional Services

Who does not want to eat dessert after a full course meal, right?

Some registrars not just provide you a domain and its benefits but also shower you with additional benefits like web blog building and hosting, SSL certificates and SSE tools. So, always have a look out on such benefits

6). Privacy Services.

Some registrars are user-friendly and try to give as much privacy and protection as they can. They provide you with “Whois masking” and “Private registration” features.

(WHOIS is a public database where the information of a domain is listed; you can check your domain status and information here. You can also be sure if you are the original registrant of your domain or not.)
7). Check the reviews.

It is better to look for reviews of the registrar you are wishing to get in business with. We always learn from others and previous users’ experiences can help us in getting a better perspective to take our decision.
So, this was an absolute genius guide to choosing a right registrar for your desired domain name, follow it and get started.

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