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Checklist for Transferring Domain from One Registrar to Another

                            Things to Keep in mind while  Transferring domain to another registrar

Sometimes, it may happen that you get attracted to some other registrar considering the fact that the other party is giving much more exciting services to you.

In this case, you can transfer your services from one registrar to another. (Only if you have completed 60 days with the present registrar.)

So, this is a step by step breakout of the process of transferring your domain from one registrar to another:-


1). Make sure the contact information is accurate:

Before getting started with the transfer process, always be sure that your contact information is accurate and updated in your domain because this will be the only way old and new registrars will be able to contact you for the transfer process.


2). Make a secondary email :

Most of the domains are associated with an email address, when you transfer the services this email address may get hamper thus you should make a new email address preferably on Gmail or Yahoo and update it in the domain information.

3). Get your domain unlocked:

You can go to the domain section of your domain control panel and there you can initiate a request to unlock your domain. This has to be done in accordance with your present registrar.


4). Getting the authorization code:

In accordance with the privacy and security policies, no transfer of domain can take place without an authorization code. Thus, you can request for the code in the domain control panel area. Some registrars allow you to get the code in the control panel itself while some send it through an email. It takes around 5 days to get the code.

5). Ensuring that you have not transferred the domain:

Although you can transfer one domain a no. Of times but there is a time frame that is 60 days. If you wish to transfer the domain for the second time, it can only be done after 60 days of the first transfer.
6). Go to the transfer page of new registrar:

You need to visit the transfer page of the new registrar and search for the transfer domain section in the control panel, if you do not see that option, you will have to create an account with the registrar first (as some registrar display that option only when you have created the account with them). If you do not see the transfer domain option in any of the cases you will have to contact the customer support.

7). Enter the domain:

Now, you enter the domain you are transferring, fill  the relevant information and the extension you are transferring (.com, .net etc.)

8). Enter the authorization code:

Now, you will have to put in the code you received from the old registrar, this will seal the deal for the transfer of services from old registrar to new registrar.

9). Verification process:

Once, you enter the authorization code at new registrar’s platform, you will get a verification call from your old registrar. Thus it will be mandatory that you have your contact number updated in your domain information.


10). Pay for the transfer:

Some registrar offers free transfer while some charge a fee for the transfer to happen if you are bounded with the later one, you will have to pay a certain fee for the process to happen.


11). Transfer of settings:

After all the requirements getting completed, your old registrar will initiate the transfer of services to the new registrar and your new registrar will configure the DNS for you. It may take up to few days.


12). Close the old service:

You will need to close the old service once the transfer will be completed if you don’t do this your web blog may come down.


FinalWord: This was a checklist to keep in mind for the transfer of domain name from one registrar to another, you can also opt for private masking, you just have to request the new registrar and it will be done, however, it will cost a little more.

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