List of Best Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools / Software

List of Best Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools / Software

Sending bulk messages has always been done to help business owners have a good relationship with their customer base, keep them constantly engaged. It can be a time consuming or even impossible task to individually send messages to each and every customer.

Even if bulk messages could be sent they would be impersonal and too general in nature. Bulk WhatsApp messaging tools give the user the ability to send bulk messages which can be extremely handy when operating a business big or small. Here are some of the most popular tools to send bulk WhatsApp messages and their features. 

1. Whatso

Whatso is arguably the most popular WhatsApp bulk messaging platform. It lets the user send thousands of WhatsApp messages at once depending on the subscription plan. Sending bulk messages can seem impersonal sometimes so that’s why Whatso has a feature where the customers’ names and other information can be customised to make it more personalized. All the contacts can also be imported to an excel sheet, so you can easily have access to your customer base. They have a bunch of price plans to suit everyone’s needs- 

  • A Standard plan for $29 per year. 
  • A Professional plan for $39 for a lifetime subscription.
  • An Enterprise plan for $59 for a lifetime subscription.

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2. WhatsenderPro

WhatSenderPro is an excellent bulk marketing software that you can use to send an unlimited number of bulk WhatsApp messages to all your contacts. It could be your customers or your website subscribers efficiently and instantly. It has the much-needed feature of sending custom messages personalised with the name of the recipient or other particular details and even send messages to your contacts even if they are not saved in your address book. If you want to safely store your contact list you can import all recipients from TXT files. The pricing is just $29 for a one year license to use their platform. 

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3. WAPSender

WAPSender is a chrome extension tool that can be used for sending bulk WhatsApp messages. It has similar features to most bulk WhatsApp messaging tools, namely sending bulk WhatsApp messages to saved or unsaved contacts, personalising messages to contacts, importing multiple contacts from CSV or TXT files, and even copying and pasting contacts to be able to store them securely. They have a convenient pay as you go plan or even a long-term payment plan. There’s a Forever Free Plan where you get the features for free, but not all of them. They have a Monthly plan for ₹350 ($4), a Quarterly plan for ₹1000 ($13.45), or a Yearly plan for ₹2500 ($33). WAPSender claims to be the most affordable WhatsApp marketing tool and follows through with its pricing plan as well as its features.

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4. Trueline Solution  

Trueline Solutions help you in sending individual or bulk messages using your contacts, manage your whole account or profile. They claim to have a system that is 100% highly secure and compatible with any platform. They have $15 in a one time buy, $17 in a one time buy, or $28 in a one time buy plans which you can choose depending on the number of messages you would like to send.

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5. Whappext 

With the fastest network and delivery, your customers will receive your message instantly. They have a simple interface with many features. They guarantee data security, detailed reports and statistics, support for all major types of multimedia, auto-responder feature, start sending messages instantly, support multi-language functionality, and lots more. They have a one-time payment for any license with lifetime support and updates. Single PC is $125, and Software + KEYGEN is $399. 

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Using these tools users can integrate with their WhatsApp marketing and can help users save time, increase functionality, and help optimise the process as best as possible. These tools are easily available and have various plans that can be effectively used if it suits the user’s requirements. 


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