A Brief Guide to Google AdSense  

Whenever you are looking for advertising companies to promote your brand, Google AdSense is the first one to come to mind, but do we exactly know what is it & how it works? Well, no problem!

Here we will provide you with a brief guide to Google Adsense, as it is the most preferred advertising service by the site owners because of the brand name “Google” and also with the name they are justifying their services really well for the users.

So, before proceeding, we must understand what exactly this Google AdSense is? so here we go-

What is Google AdSense?

An advertising program that displays ads according to your content & users’ cookie history on your site, YouTube channel & Blog, where, when a visitor clicks on ads displayed on your site, you are getting paid by the Google AdSense.

Google Adsense makes sure that users get the best targeted ads & gets more clicks to generate more revenue.

What is Google Adsense ?

How to join Google AdSense?

All set to make your account in Google AdSense here we go-

 1.Create & Activate your account 

  • Login with your Google account or else if you don’t have one,1st make your Google account & then log in.
  • Add Basic information & Url to your website.
  • To activate just add your payment details & verify your number.

2.Now setup auto Ads on your website 

  • Simply turn on the Auto ads option under “site setting”
  • Add Adsense Code on each page of your site only then your Auto ads will appear on the site.

3.Set up your account for payment

  • According to your location, you need to provide tax information, confirm your personal information, verify your identity & address.
  • Select your payment mode.

Note: Payment is released when you meet the payment threshold by the end of the month! 

Tips to Improve & Manage Ads Revenue

  1. User site experience should be user-friendly & feels different to have success.
  2. Almost 64% conversion rate is coming from smartphones, so make sure that you have a mobile strategy for your site.
  3. Google Analytics integration with your site is another tip to understand the site visitors & improve ads performance & user experience.

Benefits of Google AdSense  

  1. Google AdSense is easy to use & free, but if you require any help, you can go to support.google.com.
  2. Trusted payment compared to other advertising companies.
  3. If you are deciding to leave your job and want to start your website, Google AdSense will help in the recognition of your site where you will have recurring payments from ads on your site.
  4. You can use one Adsense account for multiple websites.
  5. It provides a variety of ad formats like text, images, HTML ads, video Ads & many more. Accordingly, you can use the best fit format to generate revenue.



For sure there is no other advertising service that provides such trusted, free & easy to use services to the site owners to earn revenue. And in this competitive market, visibility & recognition of the site is very important to generate revenue & sustain in the market. Google AdSense is a one-stop solution and an easy way to earn recurring money.

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