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A Brief Guide to Google Ads

  • May 20 2021
  • Shamsher

Are you also looking for ways to promote your business? If yes, then spending the right money at the right time is very important for the business to grow well, but we don't know what to do & how to do it?

Everyone knows in today's world; almost everything is visible on the internet; you can reach out for anything by just searching on Google, and it connects you  with the results of your search.
Similarly, you can use Google Ads / PPC to know about your product & services, which will make an easy step for the user to find you and get your customer. So here you can go through with a brief guide to Google Ads / PPC.

About Google Ads

Google Ads are simply a paid advertisement platform, where advertisers create an advertisement with Google Ads, which then appears on the search engine results page (SERP) while searching, for the products & services like the one advertisers offer.
Using Google Ads will drive good quality traffic on your website, which ultimately increases the visibility of what you are offering. Also, it makes the buying process easy & faster for the customers.
Below you can see the Google Ads for "Best online digital Marketing courses." The one in the yellow box is the Google Ads advertisements used by various Edtech Companies & the one in Green box are organic ones that are non-paid search results.


So, How are Google Ads works? Advertisers on Google Ads Chooses keywords that are auctioned by the Google Ads, best fit for their business visibility & reach. Keywords or, in layman language, the words most used by the people while searching for the product or services.


Advertisers do bidding on these keywords, that means for each click by the users of an advertisement, the advertiser pays a specific cost (CPC) to Google.
But the Ranking of your Advertisement is ranked by Quality Score & bid, where you get the actual CPC.

Ad Rank/Quality Score + Bid = Actual CPC

Now termed as Pay Per Click!

But there is a catch, the cost of Google Ads differs on various factors like the  competitiveness of your keywords, Industry, Quality advertising campaigns & mainly the management of your advertising campaigns.

Having a good Quality Score is very important for an advertiser to increase ROI. The higher the quality score in concurrence with Bid cost, the better the Ad positioning.

This leads to lower cost as Google rewards advertisers by lowering their CPC and Great Advertisement's Advertisement on SERP, as Ads will display more often.

Ultimately, increases the user reach, clicks & conversion rate without raising the bids.




Start your Advertisement today with Google Ads. To be in this competitive market where a very common line is used "Jo Dikhta hai Wo Bikta Hai," which means, "Visibility, the key to success," using Google Ads will make your business visible to the target audience, which ultimately brings awareness of your product & services to the users, which will drive clicks & conversions.

Creating a good advertisement campaign & managing them well will indeed go to boost up your business to the next level.

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