How to Start Dropshipping Business with no Money | Business Model & Requirements

Brief Guide to Start Dropshipping Business

This guide is written for those already own an eCommerce website on WordPress and want to start a dropshipping business with their online eCommerce store.

Drop-Shipping What is it? And How It Works?

#1. You list and sell products you do not own but that are instead owned by a manufacturer or wholesaler.

#2. Customers place orders with (and pay) you.

#3. You place a duplicate order with (and pay) the manufacturer or supplier.

#4. The manufacturer or supplier then pick, packs, and ships their product to the customer.

how dropshipping business works

Who is it right for?

  • Retailer who does not want to maker a large capital investment in inventory.
  • Retailers that want to test out selling certain products or marketing strategies.
  • Retailers who do not want to invest in the space, manpower, and logistics of their own warehouse.

Income Model of Dropshipping Business

dropshipping income model

Requirements to Start Dropshipping Online Business

#1. Requirements of an Ecommerce Portal (WordPress with Woocommerce)

#2. Manpower to Upload Products from the Drop-shipping Portals (such as

#3. Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEO Strategy and manpower to promote, rank and bring potential customers on

Practical Steps in Brief to Start Drop-shipping Business Online:

Step 1: Choosing a Niche/Profitable Product Categories (eg: electronics/sportswear)

Step 2: Finding a Dropship Supplier (eg: listed below)

Step 3: Get a Sales Tax ID. (if required in your country)

Step 4: Choosing a selling platform ( / in sometimes

Step 5: Implementing a Customer Acquisition Strategy (eg: SEO, google ads, fb ads, social media, email marketing etc)

Tools may be required for Dropshipping: (for auto product upload/sync from supplier)

#1. WooCommerce Dropshipping   (Supports Aliexpress and Cost: 49$) 

woocommerce dropshipping plugin

 #2. WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugin (Costs $89) (Most Popular Option)

alidropship wordpress plugin

Here is the list of Top Products/Supplier Portals to Start Dropshipping.

Other Requirements for Dropshipping Store:

#1. Vender/Manufacturer (Those who owns products)

#2. (Shipment/Courier Company)

#3. Fulfillment Services

Case1: When we will receive an order we will send it to the shipment/courier company, they will pick from a vender, pack and deliver to the end customer.


Case2: sometimes we will provide our branding Lebal and materials to the vendor and they will receive duplicate orders from us they will pack products and keep ready then our courier company will pick and deliver to the end customer.


(in another case, we buy the wholesale product from aliexpress this company will store/keep our product in their warehouse and when we will send the order details and they will pack and deliver on our behalf)


Here are websites you may try to find suppliers


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Conclusion: Dropshipping Business model is an easy online business model for anyone to start without much technical knowledge or investment. it is a technique of running an eCommerce company where the seller does not have to manage the inventory, manufacturing, and delivery of any orders placed. Whenever there’s an order from your dropshipping website, the seller just has to notify his/her manufacturer who prepares the order on-demand only, packs the order and delivers it to the customer. The seller doesn’t even get to see the product in physical sense.

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