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List of Best Brand Username Availability Checker Tool

Finding a domain name can prove to be a rather difficult task as there are already millions of websites with various names and combinations. It may seem as though all the ‘good’ names are already taken. Using a brand name checker availability tool can help expedite the process and also help you get ideas of different combinations that you can use if the one you want is already taken. Here are some popular and useful tools to check domain availability names.

1. has a feature where you can check if a domain is available for registration. If it is, then you can go ahead and get it registered on the same website. Their domain search tool is quick and thorough to check domain name availability. You can search for the availability of a domain name by going onto their website and entering your keywords or phrases, and if it is not available they will offer alternative names or combinations that are similar to what you wanted. 

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2. Nameboy 

One of the oldest and most trusted domain name checker, as well as a generator, is- Nameboy. Nameboy quickly generates a dozen domain names based on keywords and phrases that you are asked to type in. You can click on any domain name that pops up to view details and register the domain name. Once you select a domain name you can check if it is available as well.

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3. IsItWP

IsItWp has a free domain name generator that can be very useful for anyone who quickly needs to check if the domain name they want to create is available. It helps you by having you enter keywords or phrases and then creates a number of different domain names based on the main words. It offers a lot of different and interesting options and then you have to click on the view details button to register or check the availability of the domain name.

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4. Blog Tyrant

Blog Tyrant has many useful tools and one of them is a domain name checker. It is a free tool where you can enter the domain name of your choice or words related to it so they can suggest options that you might like. You can further click on each option to check its availability.

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5. Bluehost

If you want to prepare a website under short notice Bluehost’ domain checker availability tool is a great option for you. They have a basic, plus, and premium plan that is $2.75, $4.95, $5.45 respectively per month. If the domain name you wanted is not available for any reason, then it will show you suggestions to choose a new domain name that is similar.

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6. Networks Solutions 

Most website owner’s go-to site to create a new domain name is Networks Solutions. They have a huge customer base registered through their platform. They have a built-in domain name availability checker that shows if a domain name is available to register. Their suggestion includes all popular domain name extensions as well as many premium domain names that are available for sale.

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7. GoDaddy

One of the most popular domain name creators is GoDaddy. Almost everyone has heard of their website and services. They also provide uncommon domain extensions, or premium domain names available for a higher price as well as great GoDaddy alternatives that are cheaper and more reliable.

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Having a unique and memorable username is important to create a brand name that can be promoted. It is the first step in creating a new business or blog. All the above websites can help you almost instantly register the domain name you want without needing to visit a third-party website. We hope this article helped you learn how to check for domain name availability using smarter domain search tools


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