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Boost Your Website's Performance with an Optimal link Building Strategy

  • July 27 2017
  • Shamsher

How to Boost Your Website's Performance with an Optimal link Building Strategy?

Link building is still one of the main aspects of SEO and this will not change. What has changed are the types of links that are considered positive or negative secondary to Google’s algorithm at the time.

Website owners and marketing pros have consistently tried to beat the search engines to bypass the competition and increase their ranking.

However, we all know now that to create sustainability and weather the storms of new Google penalties it is best to create quality content that is engaging and will keep the reader stuck to your page.

Content and Metrics:

So how does Google or even Bing have the ability to gauge whether your content is quality stuff?

Looking at two separate metrics, we can get a decent idea of how interested and engaged a user might be depending on what they clicked on in the search engine and how relevant the next page is on the website.

SERP Click through Rate:

The click through rate coming from the search engine page is a good indicator of how relevant your page is to the link on the search engine. The CTR is a ratio of how many times people see your link and actually click it.

For example, if you had 1000 impressions and 6 clicks, then your click through rate would be .6%. You can find the CTR in Google Webmasters Tools under the specific site and then “search queries.“ Google Webmasters provides invaluable link building tools for SEO and increasing your ranking in search engines.

Dwell Time:

This is one of the most important metrics that can be evaluated and some argue is one of the best to gauge if your content is performing well. Dwell time is the amount of time spent on a page or your website before they go back to the search engine.

This time shows how long the visitor has used to consume all the information they need towards the actual subject and if they were satisfied. So, in essence, the longer the dwell time the better ranking, which shows the content satisfied the click on the SERP.

Guest posting for Traffic and Quality Links:

We have already discussed how quality content is one of the main indicators of SEO and how it relates to metrics.

Now, in order to gain quality backlinks, obviously having engaging content on your site will produce a desire for others to link to your content because of the semantics and overall quality.

However, another proven strategy is creating quality content for other high DMA blogs in your niche to create more traffic from newer audiences while gaining a reputable backlink.  

Using the Skyscraper Technique with Guest posts:

Using this technique for posting is a proven strategy that works and will help in your ranking. However, there are ways to even increase your traffic and ranking by implementing the Skyscraper technique in your writing for guest posts as well.

This technique is done by finding an already proven link or article in your target niche and doing research on why it has been successful in driving traffic. Then once you have found the already proven post, then you, yourself will figure out creative and unique ways to improve the same topic in your content.

Once you have created your skyscraper post, then you will need to reach out to the same people that have already linked to similar content.

This works very well because simply it has already proven to be a popular topic and you have already gauged your competition to successfully kick their butt and outrank for these keywords in Google.  


Conclusion: Optimal link building strategy is important to boost your website rank. Guest posting and unique content help to get a backlink for your website, thus it will boost website rank. So tell us this strategy works best for getting your website to be ranked or not?

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