Difference Between Black-Hat vs White-Hat vs Grey-Hat SEO

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Hats! I am so much fascinated by the distinct colors and tones of hats, especially the round ones. What about you? Oops, Wait for a jiffy. White hat or gray hat or black hat these are not the ordinary hats, we are talking about.

They are the technical hats. These are the techniques in SEO aka the search engine optimization process. In the ancient epoch, in the western cultured movies, the heroes or the actors wore white hats and the villains wore black hats to connote the good and the evil disparately.

Same as in the SEO era. White Hat indicates the ethical techniques whilst the Black Hat signifies the un-ethical ones. Then, Gray?? Gray Hat techniques are all about the risks vs rewards.

If we will go deep into the technical aspects then these techniques are indeed employed in the search engine procedure to enhance the website’s rank on the search engine result page.

Hat color is simply an approach to help a site rank. The color is determined by how authentic your tactics are or how closely you stick to the guidelines of the search engine.

Yes, like the common human being, search engine optimizers also wear many distinct hats. The color of the hats is recognized by the philosophy and the tactics, which are utilized to optimize the websites.

The entire SEO game is all about the HATS, that are employed in the SEO procedure to acquire the rank of the specific website. You are wondering what is “SEO” or “Search engine optimization”.

So, here we are. Search engine optimization is the procedure to enhance the online visibility of any specific website on the SERP (search engine result page).

Why it is required to evolve in the market? The fact is that every web owner has his/her website infused with the products or the brand wants the website to be surfed with more and more visitors and get cognizant of the entire world.

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The audience enters the query in the search bar and then visits or explores the results of the first page of the search engine.

Then, why don’t the web owners wish to make their websites visible on the first page of any search engine, if an individual doesn’t bother to endeavor to even click on page “2”!

It’s a highly competitive era and each firm owner wants to raise his flag at the elevated niche in this epoch in terms of his work or other facets. Let us have a closer look at all the Hats or the techniques of SEO.


•White Hat SEO:

Oh, we are discussing the heroes here. And the world knows that all heroes are good and so as the white hat techniques. They also prove quintessential for the SEO procedure.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. are the imperative illustrations of the search engines and amongst them, Google is ruling over the entire landscape. In the search engine marketing panorama, customarily the good cowboys are the marketers who stick to the terms and conditions of Google for the ethical SEO and link practices to bring the results up the Google SERPs.

Definition: White Hat SEO is the search engine optimization technique that enhances the website’s search performance by creating and offering the quality content on your website that people want and will search for.

The giant perception is to create the content for the searchers, not for the search engine. If the audience loves your content, chances are they will return to your site as they contemplate your website as a reliable source.

Follow Google and it will give you the credit. and take proper white-hat SEO training for better results.


•Gray Hat SEO:

Is there a happily mediocre between the white hat and the black hat SEO? Can we use a black hat in some Flipside mode? Yews…there are individuals, including the web owners and the SEO consultants who intend to use the black hat SEO in some instances.

Here you are. Gray Hat SEO is your ultimate destined SEO tactic. It is the impure form of white hat SEO.

Gray hat SEO techniques sort of maneuver around the protocols and think outside the box to rank higher in the search engines. Perchance, Gray Hat is the metamorphosis stage from white to black or vice-versa.

The fuzzy aspect is that this can’t be listed in either a white hat or black hat SEO, hence the name.

Definition: Gray Hat SEO walks the line between being Google approved and not inevitably banned and is, therefore, a Gray Hat SEO. In a nutshell, the black hat tactics they employ are used disparately and are more acceptable to the search engines.

Employ Black Hat, but Smartly


•Black Hat SEO:

What is the black hat SEO’s favorite food? The answer is Spam (sorry).

Beware….. The villain enters.! Funny!! Ya…the black hat SEO is the sort of antihero in the SEO field. The black hat SEO experts optimize their websites by tricking the search engines.

Anti-hero’s partners:
1. Cloaking
2. Keyword Spamming
3. Doorway Pages
4. Deceptive Redirects
5. Interlinking, etc.

Generally, the Black Hat SEO experts utilize these methods in gaining the rank of the website and thus increasing the online visibility on the search engines.

These tactics are illegitimate and the search engine is never afraid to ban such sort of websites. It may be any website from the most prestigious to the local one. If you do not pursue the Google guidelines, then it is damn sure that you will get banned or penalized by Google.

Definition: Black Hat techniques are the modes to enhance the rank of the website, but they are deceptive. Though, they will obtain favorable outcomes, however, only in the short-term.


Conclusion: Keep yourself as far as possible from these black-hat techniques. They could only do devastating damage by lessening the amount of traffic to your website.

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