List Of 8 Best Website Auditing Tools

Businesses today are all opting to advertise and garner attention from their targeted demographic by the means of Online Marketing. Using websites, emails, and social media sites to promote one’s product is now the norm and the success of which hugely changes the trajectory of a company’s growth. It has now become very important to reach the right audience and many businesses are using SEO analysts to do so. SEO plays a grand role in ensuring that the website ranks high on major search engines. 

Auditing a website is a time-consuming task and requires the support of various technical tools. Below is a compilation of the most popular website auditing and SEO tools that can help a business on its online marketing journey. 

1. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a popular desktop program as well as a crawling tool that is used to audit your website. This tool can be used to provide very intuitive insights to maximise SEO gains and it does so by ‘crawling’ the entire website to see what can be changed or improved. Using this auditing tool you can examine the required parameters such as outbound links, site links, meta descriptions, ALT tags, and more. The premium version of this app is €149/year per license. The free downloadable version can crawl up to 500 URLs only whereas the premium version comes with unlimited crawls and a wide range of features that the free version does not have such as crawl configuration, crawl comparison, AMP crawling and validation, spelling and grammar checks and more.

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2. SEMrush

SEMrush is a great SEO tool used to audit and research websites. It can be used to track various features that you may require such as backlinks, competitor research, PPC keywords of competitors, and more. This auditing tool is used mostly to track the data of competitors so that you can use the information to your benefit and boost your website rankings exponentially. The main features of SEMrush include:

  • Locating top publishers and advertisers
  • Uncovering competitors strategies and budget
  • Backlink analysis
  • Comparison of a website with competitors
  • Analytical reports
  • Complete website auditing

SEMrush does have a free version and a paid version. Currently, the paid version has three standard monthly subscriptions starting at the following prices- Pro – $119.95, Guru – $229.9, and Business – $449.95. They also have a free trial for 7 days that unlocks all the features that the free version does not provide.

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3. WooRank

WooRank is a nearly unbeatable auditing tool that analyses websites and can prove to be extremely useful for website owners or businesses. They provide detailed analysis of On-Page and Off-Page SEO, backlinks, broken links, and other recommendations that will help in increasing website visibility and ranking on various search engines and fix any website issues. They offer a free as well as a paid version and the option of downloading audit reports in PDF format. WooRank has a 14-day trial where one can access all the features that they have to offer. The paid version comes in a few types-

Thier Pro plan with more data and insight for growing businesses is $7 per month but $53.25 when billed yearly. Some features include- Project to optimize your website, track 50 keywords and analyses up to 2500 pages. And their Premium plan for professionals working on multiple websites and is $199.99 per month but $133.25 when billed yearly and some features include- Optimize up to 5 websites, track 250 keywords, analyze up to 10k pages, unlimited white-label PDF reports.

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4. Raven Tools

Raven Tools is an expert website audit software. It can be used by businesses, SEO consultancies and digital agencies to get accurate reports and critical SEO recommendations. You can receive various information related to website speed, social media repute and backlinks using this tool. They also provide a list of SEO tools that can be utilised to optimise your website the most efficient way and provide audit reports for marketing as well as social media pages. Another great feature of Raven Tools is that they provide a wide variety of prices that caters to everyone’s needs. They have a monthly plan for all kinds of business requirements. And provide a 30% price reduction for yearly plans and a free 7-day trial to test all of its features.

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5. Moz

A big player in the SEO tool providers is Moz. A large group of website owners and SEO consultants use the services provided by Moz extensively to aid their SEO process. They crawl your site on demand, uncover technical SEO issues, and recommend improvements and fixes. They also Discover thousands of keywords to target along with Keyword Difficulty scores, competitor research, and SERP analysis. The Moz link index is also second to none and you can see metrics to any site in seconds, including anchor text and Domain Authority. Moz offers various free as well as paid services that small businesses, as well as large businesses, can use which come with a 30- day free trial before you are required to purchase it. They have standard, medium, large, and premium versions that are $99, $179, $249, $599 per month respectively. Each comes with a 20% price reduction if it is paid on a yearly basis.  

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6. SpyFu

SpyFu is a brilliant auditing tool that can be used to extract competitor’s insights and observe their activity in order to boost your own website. 

They have a wide variety of features that are very useful to gain insight on how to boost rankings including- 

  • SEO competitor analysis
  • SEO keyword research 
  • Competitor backlinks
  • Domain comparisons
  • PPC keyword research
  • PPC keyword suggestions
  • SEO reports
  • Domain overview

They also have an expert pricing plan that can be used by any business or corporation of any size that includes a basic, professional, and team version that is sure to suit all your needs.

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7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that understands your site and app users to better check the performance of your marketing, content, products, and more. They also give insights that only Google can locate and provide as well as work with Google’s advertising and publisher products, so you can use your insights to deliver business results. And the best part is that it is absolutely free! 

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8. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a one-stop-shop for all things SEO related. They cater to small businesses, entrepreneurs, as well as enterprises. They have a wide range of helpful features that include keyword rank tracking, keyword research, backlink checker, and website auditing. Their price plan is unique and caters to the needs of the customer. They have- Optimum plan that is $18.6/month, Plus that is $42.5/month, and Enterprise which is $90/month all of which come with a 14-day trial period as well.  

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Researching and using the SEO audit tool that is most suited to your business or enterprise can lead to a huge boost in your company’s online presence and draw in a wider customer base. You can also use multiple tools at once to maximise the quality of your content. Multiple tools translate to more accurate SEO results and can help you use the right techniques and practices to gain the best results.

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