Best Link Checker Tools 

Broken links are the links that show a 404 error message when clicked on. It occurs if the owner of a website made changes to it or maybe even removed it entirely. They are bad for business as it can be frustrating to encounter broken links and must be taken down promptly. Here are some easily accessible Link Checker Tools to help you run your website as smoothly as possible.


1. Sitechecker

Sitechecker is an easy and great web tool to check your website for broken or backlinks. Its website crawler scans the entire website for any type of defective link and provides information on how to correct them. Sitechecker tool has a lot of useful features including:

  • Giving a comprehensive report of website technical health, broken links, redirect chains, orphan links, or indexation errors.
  • It provides SEO audits of the exact page (free option) and the whole website (monthly/annual subscription).
  • It shows content errors: meta tags issues, thin pages.
  • It creates a visual structure of the website due to internal and external linking.
  • It implements website monitoring after crawling.
  • It suggests backlink tracker and keyword ranking checker services.

There is a free version that can be used but has limited features and can only scan 100 web pages in total. The paid monthly or annual subscription comes with a multitude of useful features and unlimited scanning. There are three models of monthly instalments that can be chosen according to your requirements- Basic ($29), Startup ($49), and Growing ($99). Each of these prices is further reduced by 20% for a yearly subscription. You can get more information through their website.



2. Semrush 

SemRush is a widely known link checker. It provides the feature to obtain all knowledge about your backlinks as well as your competitors’ backlinks. SemRush conducts a deep link study and provides information on incoming links, anchor texts, and understanding external links of the linking websites. They also provide geographic distribution assets like graphs and pie charts to help users understand their demographic better. 

SEMrush does have a free version and a paid version. Currently, the paid version has three standard monthly subscriptions starting at the following prices- Pro – $119.95, Guru – $229.9, and Business – $449.95. They also have a free trial for 7 days that unlocks all the features that the free version does not provide. You can get more information through their website.



3. W3C Link Checker

W3C link checker is a great tool if you want to obtain very specific results. They provide you with the option to choose what aspect you would like to know while inspecting broken links such as- 

Display only summary, hire redirects, check only documents, check only headings, etc. 

Further, it inspects issues in the links and anchors with restrictions on how deep the check can go. It can be downloaded onto your desktop and used with ease. You can get more information through their website.


4. Dead Link Checker 

Dead link checker is a free webpage that goes through your website in an orderly manner and detects all the dead links that may be causing a problem in your website. A few of its many features include filtering URL keywords with wildcards, pause and resume the process at any time, and also scan several links simultaneously. A dead link has three methods of the process i.e. Site Check, Multi Check, Auto Check that come to be useful depending on your requirements. You can get more information through their website.



5. Dr LinkCheck

Dr LinkCheck inspects all the internal and external links that connect you to other websites. It also has the capacity to check images, style sheets and any other files. It scans the entire website and checks HTML and CSS code records to ensure that no threat goes undetected. They also provide a summarized report of all external, internal, and broken links. 

The unpaid version comes with a limited capacity to check only broken links (1500 links). 

The paid version comes with a lot more benefits such as backlink checks, SSL certificate checks, schedule checks, and more depending on the plan you opt for. The pricing of the standard, professional, and premium packages changes depending on your needs and what suits your requirements. You can get more information through their website.



6. Xenus Link Sleuth

Xenus link sleuth is a downloadable computer program. After pasting the link it automatically connects to your website and crawls it to check for broken links. It is beneficial to correct minor website glitches as it only has a limited number of scans. It has a multitude of features including a simple, no-frills user interface, re-checking of broken links, simple report format which can be mailed, and detects and reports redirected URLs. 




The above tools are some of the most widely used link checker tools available. Using them can prove immensely useful in perfecting your website and making it as user friendly as possible to garner attention and raise your ranking on various search engines. 

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