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Best Digital Marketing Institutes/Learning Center in Paris, France

  • December 17 2020
  • Shamsher

List of Best & Top Digital Marketing Institute/Learning Center in Paris, France

In the ‘digital world’, the demand for different digital marketing courses has increased. There are many digital marketing institutes in Paris, France that provide certification courses and professional training. Whether you are running a business and want to promote your business or a student who wants to develop a career in the digital marketing industry, everyone can find useful digital marketing courses at these institutions. 


Digital School of Paris (DSP)

It is a well-known institute in Paris. People from Paris and its nearby cities come to this digital school to learn digital marketing. The campus is well-equipped with all the facilities. They benefit placement help as they have partnerships with over 3000 companies. Only specialised trainers provide training to the learners. Both bachelor and master degree programs are available for Digital Marketing.

Top Courses Offered:

  • Bachelor / MBA I: Design and Digital Marketing Project Manager
  • Bachelor / MBA I: Digital Developer
  • MBA II: Digital Marketing Expert

Address: 18 Rue Léon Frot 75011 Paris

Phone Number: 01 73 43 30 00

Website: https://www.digitalschool.paris/



This digital marketing institute provides digital training to students and professionals. Tailor-made training is also given by this learning center. Get the chance to learn from experts and get certifications for various topics by choosing one course in DigiClass. Comfortable workstation, free coffee, and snacks and group participation are some other perks offered by this amazing institute.

There are various courses available that can help in learning about digital strategies, social media marketing, Email-marketing, SEO, Google Analytics and much more. 

Top Courses Offered:

  • Digital Strategy Training
  • Social Media Training
  • Social Media Videos Training
  • SEA Training
  • SEO Training

Address: 47 B rue Boileau, Paris, 75016

Phone Number: 07 57 90 22 24

Website: https://digiclass.fr/


IESEG School of Management

This school of management is a prestigious learning center in Paris. It ranks at the 5th position as French Business School that offers MSc. in Digital Marketing & CRM. Over 6100 students have enrolled in various courses of this institute. It has partnerships with 2500 companies that are helpful for students in getting placement. 

Various topics such as consumer behaviour, website designing, digital marketing strategy, search engine marketing, direct marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, online reputation management, clickstream and web analytics are covered in the course offered by the IESEG School of Management.

Top Courses Offered:

  • The Master of Science in Digital Marketing & CRM
  • Digital Marketing Summer Program

Address: 1 parvis de

La Défense - 92044

Paris - La Défense

Phone Number: (+33)

Website: https://www.ieseg.fr/en/


Digital Academy

Make your career in digital marketing by developing a range of skills in Digital Academy. It provides digital solutions such as company training, digital leadership, digital learning, and digital transformation. It is a popular place to learn digital marketing in Paris, France and has over 10 years of experience in training web professionals. It offers around 40 digital training courses related to social networking, web marketing, e-advertising & acquisition, content and website management. 

Top Courses Offered:

  • Communicate through images: Picture Marketing training
  • Content management: Organize, share and plan efficiently
  • Social media: How to master social media
  • Facebook and Instagram advertising: From strategy to results

Address: 17 rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris, Ile-de-France

Phone Number: 09 77 21 53 21

Website: https://www.digitalacademy.fr/


EMLV Business School

This institution in Paris, France prepares global level digital marketing managers. The 12-month program ‘MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy’ improves analytical and managerial skills in students. The digital marketing course offered by EMLV is accredited by AMBP & RNCP. This learning center provides in-depth knowledge of digital marketing by covering topics such as customer relationship management, social media strategy, mobile marketing and data management and analytics.

Top Courses Offered:

  • MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy’

Address: Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci

92 916 Paris La Défense Cedex

Phone Number: 01 41 16 75 64

Website: https://www.emlv.fr/en/



Webitech offers bachelors and master level of training to digital professionals. It provides free e-learning tools, valuable certificates, practical training on projects, and placement help to the students. It divides the digital marketing program in this institute into 7 course units that develop your skills in digital communication, e-marketing, e-business, web, English communication and management.

Top Courses Offered:

  • Apprenticeship in Web Designing
  • Bachelor in Digital Marketing
  • Master in Digital Strategies and Web Marketing
  • Master in Data Analytics and Marketing Management

Address: 6-8 rue Firmin Gillot, Paris 15

Phone Number: +33 1 42 03 77 00

Website: https://webitechparis.com/


SEO High Level

Have time to learn the most successful and advanced techniques of SEO from a seasoned team at SEO High Level in Paris. This institute offers practical training to the learners. Being a part of the special three-day training program can be a significant experience, as many expert speakers share their valuable advice and knowledge regarding SEO audit and other techniques with people. So, people who want to up their SEO game must register for this training program.

Top Course Offered:

  • SEO Training Plan

Address: 1 Rue Scribe

Phone Number: +33 6 71 52 09 96

Website: https://www.seohighlevel.com/


Conclusion: By looking at the advancement in the digital marketing industry, people living in Paris and its nearby cities want to enroll in digital marketing courses to give a boost to their career. There are many courses that can help in building the skills of online marketing. If you are planning to study in Paris, then you can explore these institutes in France. 

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