A Brief Guide to Email Marketing

Email can never be dead. It is one of the effective marketing channels you can trust to build an engaging relationship with the leads that helps you keep going in business. Email marketing is not any spam. It isn’t any personal letter from your old friend or colleague. 

If used effectively, it can bring out both profit-building and relationship boosting platform. Email marketing exists forever and offers profitable reasons. It is a direct way to connect and engage with business prospects and customers. 

Remember, to be the right guest in the inbox of your audiences, you need attractive content. Customers are inundated with pitches, interruptions, and advertisements everywhere. You need to be very well versed in email marketing to draft your emails to be anything apart from 


In this beginner’s guide to email marketing, go through the process of setting up the email marketing funnel so that you can get hold of leads and sales 24*7. 


What is email marketing? 

Email marketing is a digital strategy that works on sending emails and developing relationships with prospects ad customers. An efficient email marketing strategy converts prospects into successful leads. 

Email marketing at present is ranked and regarded as the most efficient marketing channel, beating out various social media platforms and search engine optimization. Engage with the targeted leads through email and share product information, brochures, and notifications and turn them into loyal raving fans. 


When to use email marketing?

There are unending reasons for when to go for email marketing in your business. Some common ones are mentioned here in this short guide:

  • Build the right connections with well-drafted customized email content and engagement. You can build a loyal and lasting relationship with your leads. 
  • Boost your brand awareness. Keep your leads aware so that they have you on top of the priority list. 
  • Use email marketing for sharing your attractive content with your eligible prospects. 
  • Generate a good number of leads by enticing the subscribers to encourage them for data in return for some valuable asset.
  • Promote and advertise new and attractive services and products.


Who can use email marketing? 

Email marketing is for all those online businesses that are looking forwards to welcoming subscribers, increase engagement, and educate their target audience. Marketers today are highly dependent on email marketing to support their marketing plans and strategies to see results. 


Types of email marketing

  • Digital magazine
  • Newsletter
  • New content announcement mail
  • Product update mail
  • Event invitation
  • Dedicated send
  • Co-marketing email
  • Social media send
  • Internal updates
  • Confirmation mail
  • Transactional mails
  • Form submission email
  • Welcome mail
  • Lead nurturing email


Why should you use email marketing?

With all the talks of video, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and chats, it sometimes seems like email is long past its prime. If you feel it is dead, you are losing out on the real metrics.

  • Email marketing helps you to reach out and engage the leads
  • Deliver segmented and attractive targeted messages
  • Drive huge revenue and improve sales generation by converting leads.
  • Easy to start and very simple to go forward with it.
  • Creating customized content for all your business leads to offer them a special service. 
  • Collecting feedbacks and online survey about business and products
  • Increasing the successful leads daily
  • Getting back to the right people at the right time
  • Producing and arranging cost-effective and low-cost email campaigns
  • Offering value and satisfaction to your audience
  • Having a brand forum for self-promotion
  • Maintain your media and contact lists


Best email marketing strategies

  1. Personalize and customize the message according to the needs and expectations of customers. 
  2. Segment and group your subscribers to offer the best solutions
  3. Send emails that are mobile-friendly so that people can have it on the way
  4. Automate email campaigns


How to start email marketing?

  • Create a well-defined email marketing plan or strategy. An effective strategy will help you forward with the advertising and marketing well. Do not lose out on focus. 
  • Define your audience and target them for better lead conversion and engagement
  • Research the goals and objectives of your business. Be clear with the objectives and expectations.
  • Create an easy way for the audience to sign up for the best user experience.
  • Choose a perfect email campaign type
  • Make a proper schedule
  • Measure the results you achieve


Email marketing tools

  • HubSpot email marketing
  • Sender
  • Sendinblue
  • Omnisend 
  • SendPulse
  • Benchmark Email
  • Mailchimp
  • Mailjet
  • Moosend 
  • EmailOctopus


Begin email marketing

Email marketing is not going anywhere, any soon. If you were ignoring or unaware of the benefits, it is time to pay attention to this brief guide and prepare your marketing strategy. Email creates valuable and personal touches on a large scale. Draft it simple and make it memorable with the help of amazing tools available online. 

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