How to Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner

Today we are living in a generation where the money is a need and everyone want money for their livings and for there other needs but everyone knows that money will come by hard work but today I am going to tell you that how can you earn money as a beginner in your career i.e. Affiliate marketing.

Introduction about affiliate marketing

Today everything is selling online on different platforms like social media, websites, applications and many more but they (owner of e-commerce websites) need marketing of their products so they need affiliates and influencer to promote their products on their websites and that e-commerce websites provide become an affiliate option on there their websites for us so that we can promote their products on our websites, social media, and on other platforms which we are using to be in touch with the audience. So basically we are just an intermediate between e-commerce websites and consumers. And affiliate marketing is just a process in which we promote e-commerce websites to people through our websites and social media.

Why should we do affiliate marketing?

That’s a question which I heard many times on many platforms where bloggers and students and many people ask that if we have a website then why we do affiliate marketing instead of earning money through Google Adsense but my answer is always same that if you need good money for a long term then start a website and start blogging on affiliate products because it gives you the money for long term if you are doing it in a right way. Because sometimes Google updates come and it will demonetize many websites just because people are doing wrong implementations of SEO on their blogs. But when you are using affiliate marketing for your blogs as a primary monetization factor then it never harms your income. Maybe any of Google’s updates will come but your blog will still monetize.

The first step to start an affiliate marketing:-

Start your own website:- If you have no website then you will never earn money through affiliate marketing. Now your mind is thinking that social media is also a way to do affiliate marketing but dear please think about one thing that social media also has updates option. It also updates and I want to give you one example of Instagram. Previously we were able to give links in captions of images but now there is only one place on Instagram that is in the BIO section. So there you need a website link where you can send your social media traffic and they can purchase products. Now I think you got my point why I said about the website why I am giving priority to the website because if you have no website then you can’t sell your own favorite products that are profitable for you.

What is needed to start an affiliate website?

Domain and Hosting

Yeah! You heard right. You have to buy a Domain name that is the address of your website and hosting is the place where your website is saved on the internet. So you need a domain hosting and then you have to install WordPress because WordPress is the easiest CMS to build a website. And by using WordPress you don’t need any developer or designer to decorate your website. You can do it by yourself. There are many websites like Bluehost, Bigrock, Godaddy which provide good hosting and domains. So if you decide that you have to do Affiliate marketing then don’t wait just pause reading and buy a domain and hosting.

Which website I should build for affiliate marketing?

That depends on you if you are able to write content for your website on different products and you can write reviews about any products which is your favorite or it may be profitable for you then you must start and blogging website for affiliate marketing because there are so many chances of your blogging websites to rank on Google SERPs. Because to do affiliate marketing you have to convince people to purchase and to convince them you have to explain about that product’s lacks and benefits. After that, you will convince people. 

Who can do Affiliate marketing?

Anyone who has a laptop and has money to buy a domain and hosting and also have some knowledge about blogging there is no age bar in affiliate marketing because it’s a skill which if you have then it will make money for you. If you have knowledge about website building from WordPress then you can easily start your website and earn through affiliate marketing. You have to just start a website. It’s the starting point.

What after building a website?

After building a website you have to find some products on your favorite affiliate website which is profitable for you and then start research on that products and try to find there pro’s and con’s on which you can easily write some blogs and articles and aware users to why that products are beneficial for then and then start writing a blog on that topic and add an affiliate link in your content. Try to use pics also of that product so that people can easily see what you are promoting. and what they have to buy. And you can also give the link below that image as a text or button of BUY NOW or Check Price So that they can click on that button and they will redirect to that e-commerce website to purchase those products.


Which websites are offering affiliate marketing?

There are so many websites on the internet but it depends on you which niche you choose. I will give you some examples of some e-commerce websites. If you are starting your website to promote electronic products then there is a most popular website named AMAZON which is providing affiliate links to us to promote their products on our websites and personally I am also using amazon to monetize my website.

Flipkart, Snapseal, eBay, shop clues and many more websites are there for affiliate marketing but it all depends on that if you are willing to do then it may work well. If you are not ready then nothing will work. 

Where to find an affiliate joining link?

When you visit the e-commerce website of your choice for which you want to become an affiliate after that you just scroll down to the bottom of the page and then you see a Become an Affiliate option in the footer.

Now you have to click on it and join its program and after completing the whole process of joining you see and page like this ( look at the image below )

There is a search bar for you to search for your favorite products that you want to promote on your blog or website. Now search there for your decided product and you will see a result of some products. 

Now just click on the get link button

Copy this code and just paste in your website’s blog where you think it’s most suitable for users to click. You can paste this link on any image, text & the button of your blog. Just remember your text or button should be attractive and visible to users. It increases your conversion of your user to the customer.

I hope now you know most about affiliate marketing and now you can easily monetize your blog and if you have more queries and want to learn more tricks about affiliate marketing, if you have not yet a blog or website join my 8 days free blogging training to learn how to blog for affiliate marketing and keep visiting my blog to  to learn more about earning money online with easy steps.

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