How to Become a Social Media Virtual Assistant

Are you sick of putting in endless hours on social media to boost your brand’s recognition?

The process of creating a social media presence might appear challenging. 

Additionally, if it’s not done correctly, you’ll be wasting time and other resources on it rather than expanding your business!

Why not employ a virtual assistant for social media to handle all of this instead?

Virtual Assistants can swiftly assist you in overcoming social networking platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook thanks to their talents and knowledge.

Everything you need to know about social media virtual assistants will be covered in this post. 

We’ll go through why you need them, what you can do with them, and how to effectively manage them.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant for Social Media

You’ll be prepared to begin your career as a Social Media Virtual Assistant, including discovering and getting those first VA customers, if you follow the six steps we’ve listed below.

Selecting the platforms you’ll focus on is the first step in your quest to become a social media virtual assistant. 

Why? Given that every platform is distinct and has its own demographics, purposes, and features.

It’s a good idea for a Social Media VA to be somewhat knowledgeable with all of the main platforms that companies use for marketing. 

But attempting to master them all, at least at the beginning of your career, would leave you a master of none and be a waste of time.

The top six social media platforms used by businesses are summarized below:

Facebook- With 2.5 billion active users, Facebook is a social media marketing powerhouse for companies. It is regarded as a social media platform giant. 

The main methods that companies interact and connect with their audience on this platform are through company pages and communities (groups).


LinkedIn – Professionals use LinkedIn as their social media outlet. Business, networking, and value-driven material including videos, blog posts, thought leadership pieces, and podcasts are central to its culture. 

This platform is particularly popular with those who are 45 years old and older, and many of its users have executive or business-level positions.

Because of this, one of our top tips for new Virtual Assistants is to discover clients on LinkedIn.

Instagram –
Instagram is a social media platform that focuses on images and brief videos. 

Instagram has become a popular resource for learning about companies and goods, with roughly half of users following at least one company. 

Instagram has also recently taken steps to simplify the direct selling process for customers using the platform.


Pinterest – Pinterest is another image-focused website that functions as a search engine and social network.

People use this site to learn about hobbies, interests, and items as well as to make purchases.

Women in higher income brackets make up Pinterest’s largest market, and this platform generates nearly four times as many purchases as any other.

There is definitely a need for your services on Pinterest if you’re interested in working as a virtual assistant there.


Twitter – This social network is a challenger for business and marketing, even if its user base isn’t as large as that of Facebook and Instagram.

Wealthy millennials, who also make up the largest consumer segment, constitute its largest population.

With the typical user following at least five businesses, this is another channel that individuals utilize to learn about brands and companies.


YouTube – One of the more potent social media platforms out today, YouTube occasionally gets left out in the cold when it comes to becoming one.

It is the second-largest search engine in the world (after Google), and millions of users use it every day to learn about various topics, including hobbies, interests, and how-tos. 

And who is publishing a lot of that stuff, by the way? organizations and marketers.

Choose two to three social media platforms to begin with, and familiarize yourself with all of its features from a business and marketing standpoint. 

Depending on the client’s goals and sector, multiple platforms will be suitable.


Launch Your Website for a Social Media Virtual Assistant

Launching a website where you can offer your social media management services is a step in the process if you’re serious about growing your career as a social media VA!

As a social media virtual assistant, you do business online where your website effectively serves as your business card. 

A business-specific website gives you legitimacy and convinces potential customers that you provide a reliable service.


Make Your Business a Presence on Social Media

It’s time to build up your online presence or to improve the one you already have, for your new job once you’ve decided on which platforms you’ll concentrate in. 

Having a strong online presence where you can highlight your abilities and social media know-how through your own social media accounts is the ideal method to attract customers as a social media virtual assistant.

Additionally, it’s essential to have accounts dedicated to your Social Media Virtual Assistant firm when it comes to your online presence. 

Your central networking and client-finding platform will probably be social media, and how people initially perceive you based on your profile(s) might make or break your future connection.

Create your service offerings and establish your virtual assistant rates for social media.

The following stage in your journey is to select what services you’ll offer and how much you’ll charge for them after choosing a specialization for your VA firm.

Being a Social Media Virtual Assistant gives a ton of options for specialization, which is one of its fantastic features.

Additionally, specialization allows you to charge very high prices, which is the “big deal”!

As you gain experience as a Social Media VA, you’ll discover that there are some services that you excel at, like doing, and are in great demand. 

Although this process can take some time, your best chance of getting started is to concentrate on a small number of services that you believe you might master quickly and confidently.

8 typical social networking services

  • Profile creation and improvement
  • Assembling content
  • Design for print
  • Hashtag analysis
  • Paid advertisements/campaigns
  • Community/Group Management
  • Reuse of content
  • Consumer assistance

To begin, choose three services to concentrate on and educate yourself on. It’s not a terrible idea to become familiar with the fundamental ideas behind each.


Start promoting your Social Media VA services to potential clients.

By having a web presence and offering services and pricing, you have the foundation of your Social Media Virtual Assistant business in place. 

It’s time to venture out and locate your first customers!

The majority of the time you have for your new business should be spent pitching once you’ve spent some time building your social media profile.

Create Case Studies and Metrics Portfolios

Once you’ve secured your first one or two clients, create a portfolio you may show potential customers. 

Show me what you can accomplish is a common request for social media management services. 

While having your own presence is essential to start, showing what you’re doing for clients is a potent way to gain their trust.

Consider assisting a friend to get experience or even a nearby charitable organization like a nonprofit if you want to get a head start on developing a portfolio before acquiring clients. 

Even while we don’t advise doing it on a long-term basis, working for free can be a terrific way to get some experience.


Conclusion: You may create a company doing things you like and are skilled at since social media has so many different aspects. 

As a Social Media Virtual Assistant, you may truly specialize in a certain field, whether your concentration is graphic design, customer service, or one of the many other possible areas of expertise. 

This will help you build a successful, long-lasting business and earn a good living.

By investing the time to develop your abilities, create a strong web presence, and create a network of like-minded individuals, you can show that you take your business seriously. 

The seeds you sow will bear fruit if you are persistent and dedicated in your attempts to develop your Social Media VA business.

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