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5 Steps to Becoming a Major League Digital Influencer

Who doesn’t want to be a Digital influencer and flaunt around?

Almost everyone dreams of becoming a major league Digital Influencer presently.

Influencer Marketing is a lucrative profile that everyone gets attracted to and aspires to become.

Digital Influencer Marketing has become a fad that’s selling hot in recent times and is also expected to grow exponentially in times to come.


As a matter of fact, influencer marketing has become a mainstream marketing strategy that has surpassed even digital Marketing in terms of its popularity.

With over 3.7 billion social media users worldwide, the Digital influencer marketing industry has also spread its wings to become a lucrative industry worth 5 billion dollars.

Brands and companies are also trying their hands on it to leverage its benefits for increasing their brand awareness, customer base, and profit revenues.

But with a scoring number of 2.7 million blog posts arriving every day, how are you gonna make your niche and stand out in this crowd, is a million-dollar question worth asking for.

In spite of all the competition around, if you still take your best foot forward towards becoming a major league Digital Influencer, my friend I assure you that you are at the right place. All you need is a proper strategy to follow and work diligently and dedicatedly towards it to make it big.

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This article is all about steps taken to become a major Social Media Digital Influencer to take you forward in your journey of success. So, just hop on and enjoy the ride forward.

  • Choose your Niche
  • Engage your audience with amazing and consistent content 
  • Optimize your social media profile
  • Switch to a business account
  • Collaborating with other digital influencers 
  • Choose your Niche

There are many influencers in almost all fields. Obviously as an influencer you must identify and create your own niche to stand out in the crowd. 

You need to find out your passion and try to build upon it to create your own niche to become a major League Digital Influencer. Your passion can vary anything from beauty, fitness, gardening, cooking or any other area of interest.

As an influencer, you will be required to conduct research and create  interesting  and amazing content in your chosen field of interest to connect with audiences in  an effective way.

  • Engage  your audience with amazing and  consistent content 

To become a league influencer it is very crucial to engage your audience with the help of amazing and consistent content. 

However, with so much competition going around, you must create extraordinary content to engage and entice the audience. If you want to become a major social media influencer, you must create interesting and amazing content to attract audiences.

It is also imperative to have a consistent flow of content on a regular basis to retain the number of followers and grab new ones. You can choose to post daily, weekly, or at any other frequency that suits you. Some social media platforms like Twitter, are more dynamic in nature and need a higher posting frequency in order to become a major league influencer on that platform.

Other social media networks, such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, allow you to publish once or twice a week. However, choose the days and times when you will publish and stick to them.

Engagement is a two-way process and you should try to reach out to you through comments and queries. 


  • Optimize your social media profile

Next step for becoming a major league Digital influencer involves choosing the social media platform of your choice. Then try to optimize your social media profile. 

Majority of influencers use multiple social media handles to increase the number of followers and to become famous. So, it is preferable to concentrate your efforts on 1-2 channels.

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  • Switch to a business account

If you want to be a major league Digital influencer, the most important thing you need to do is to convert your social media personal account to a business account to open up the business prospects and possibilities for earning revenues. 

Most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, have a provision for creating business accounts. 


  • Collaborating with brands

The final stage in your journey to become a league social media influencer is to let the brands know about your presence and collaborate with them.

You can do this by stating in your bio that you are an influencer looking for partnerships. You may also include contact information for potential clients, making it simple for them to contact you.

Another option is to do your own outreach and message relevant businesses with a pitch on what you have to offer. It is advisable to create an outreach template that you can use to contact various businesses, since this will save you a lot of time.

There are several influencer networks where companies and influencers may meet. You may also utilize them to identify businesses in your niche who are seeking to collaborate.

It’s critical to establish a name for yourself as a major social media influencer and network with popular brands of your industry. This may not provide instant benefits, but it will assist you in forming long-term brand connections that may lead to future partnerships for your growth as an League Digital Influencer.


Ending Note: To become a league social media Influencer, you need to plan carefully and work out your plan diligently. You must create quality content to drive and engage audiences and leverage your knowledge to create a niche for yourself and most importantly get yourself collaborate with major brands of the industry.

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