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A Few Trollishly Ideas On Instagram Algorithm

Instagram is a fast-growing application with many opportunities, and the working algorithm is perfectly designed to perform well. The majority of social media algorithms are founded on machine learning principles, and Instagram is no exception. Such algorithms are constantly evolving, but no two people’s algorithms are just the same. The further you utilize Instagram, the […]

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17 WordPress Plugins You Need for Creative Content

WordPress is one of the most popular tools to develop websites but without any external help, there are very few options. To solve this problem you can use plugins. These plugins are specially developed tools that give you the ability to perform a specific task. For example, if you want to add a payment gateway […]

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Top 5 External Scholarships In Canada For International Students

Canada is among the best study destinations for international students today. However, depending on the course you take, studying abroad can quickly become financial baggage. Tuition fees alone can set you back over $20000 per year. Keep in mind that there are other expenses included like accommodation, utility costs, transportation, and books. All these can […]

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Resume Tips To Help You Get an eCommerce Technology Job

It is hard to find a job having no resume these days. A resume is a document with short information about a job seeker, one`s skills, and work experience. The objective of the resume is to represent you as a professional in your field of activity who can complete tasks that confront a company. Resumes […]

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Largest Software Companies in the World

The CEO of Deloitte Consulting once said that “software is now more important than hardware.” Software is the word that defines the digital era as it has become an essential part of businesses today. These days, the software is also called a “world” because it transforms everything from our entertainment to education. Making the software […]

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10+ Genesis Child WordPress website Themes

Genesis Child is a WordPress theme that lets you create the perfect website for your business. Genesis Child has everything you need to make your site stand out. With this theme, you can customize almost every aspect of the website to match your brand’s aesthetic. From customizing colors and backgrounds to adding new pages and […]

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Top 10 WordPress Website Themes for Accountants

Accounting firms need to present their firm professionally. A WordPress theme is a perfect way to represent their company in an attractive yet professional fashion. The best thing about these themes is that they come with a lot of features. Some of them have the ability to import data from another website or CRM system, […]

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Instructor-Led Online Wordpress Website Course for Non-Coders

Learn how to design & develop a website or blog using WordPress CMS  on your own domain & hosting (without coding skill).

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