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A to Z Content Marketing Tools for Pro-Bloggers & Content Marketers

In a world of digital marketing that’s 24/7 with ubiquitous connectivity from anywhere, anytime, marketers’ need for tools is over ever.

Content Marketing specifically offers a competitive landscape where the effectiveness and efficiency provided by the right mix of tools could make the difference between food or famine.

There are many types of content marketing methods since content and consumer quest for information are the backbone of the web experience.

Here are a few of the content marketing tool categories that spring to mind (not too different compared to a high-level list involving marketing tools actually).

“tools are only as effective, if the person who is using the tool is experianced”

  • Content Planning
  • Content Research
  • Content Creation
  • Content Curation
  • Content Distribution
  • Content Promotion
  • Content Optimization
  • Content Measurement
  • Content Reporting

Obvious content marketing tools include the class of enterprise platforms and services that many large brands are using including Contently (content marketplace), Kapost, NewsCred, Skyword, and Percolate (content marketing software), UberFlip (content marketing automation), new content marketing platforms like the one from Curata and much-anticipated tools like Cantrell (customer intelligence).

The result? An A to Z list (and then some, 45 tools in all) of new and many not-so-new but highly useful content marketing tools to help you solve content planning, creation, promotion, and measurement challenges.

This is by no means a comprehensive list but it is a collection of the content marketing software companies that are top of mind amongst my own social network.

  1. Atomic Ally – A content scoring tool to customize for specific audiences.
  2. Buffer – Content promotion scheduling, analytics, and team collaboration.
  3. BuzzSumo – Content social media research, alerts, links, and influencer discovery.
  4. Canva – Web-based visual content design tool with stock photos.
  5. CoSchedule – Content editorial calendar plug-in for WordPress offering workflow and analytics for blog posts and social shares.
  6. Curata – Content curation and content marketing platform.
  7. DashThis – Create a content marketing dashboard marketers will actually use and execs will understand.
  8. DivvyHQ – Web-based editorial calendar with content planning and workflow.
  9. Evernote – A multi-platform app that captures text, images, and video synchronized to the cloud and across devices.
  10. Flipboard – Create a curated online magazine.
  11. Grammarly – Grammar Checker app for the Chrome browser.
  12. Hemingway app – Web-based, dynamic text editing tool.
  13. InboundWriter – Predictive analytics for content creation and marketing.
  14. Jing – Desktop software to create content recorded from your computer screen as images, animation, or video.
  15. Kapost – Content marketing platform.
  16. Keyword.io – Find topics in demand on search engines.
  17. KISSmetrics – connects all data to a person. See the entire customer journey —across campaigns, web, and mobile.
  18. Leadfeeder – sales lead generation tool for B2B companies that shows you which companies visit your website and what they do there.
  19. Leadin– WordPress CRM & lead tracking plugin with analytics.
  20. MeetEdgar – Social content scheduling (by category that recycles shares).
  21. NewsCred – Content marketing software.
  22. Oktopost – Social media content distribution tool for B2B.
  23. Over – Mobile app for adding artwork and text with creative fonts to images.
  24. Piktochart – Web-based infographic creation tool.
  25. Prismatic – Social content recommendation tool.
  26. Qzzr – Create and embed quizzes in your content.
  27. Resonance – Content retargeting tool.
  28. Scripted – Written content marketplace.
  29. Scoop.it – Content Curation, blogging, and social promotion platform for small businesses.
  30. Scrivener – Mac software for structuring, writing, and editing long documents.
  31. SEMRush – Discover what topics and keywords are driving traffic to your competitors’ content.
  32. Share as Image – Microcontent creator and sharing tool for Chrome that turns text into an image.
  33. Shareist – Research, curation, scheduling, and page creation tools for social media channels, blogs, and email newsletters.
  34. ShowHows – Tool for making embeddable content focused on step-by-step instructions.
  35. SlideBatch – Curate embeddable “batches” of any kind of content or media with customized layouts that display on any device
  36. SlideShare – Content hosting and lead generation.
  37. Simply – share other people’s content in a way that drives traffic to your own content.
  38. Stipso – Dynamic user-generated infographics with embedded social shares and call to action features.
  39. Trello – Visual organization tool.
  40. Uberflip – Curate content, design, and experience, and convert with offers using this embeddable content hub.
  41. Videolicious – Easily create videos using a mobile phone with easy social sharing and a centralized dashboard for review and publishing.
  42. Viraltag – Pinterest marketing tool and platform.
  43. Word Swag – Mobile app for adding text with creative fonts to images.
  44. X – What? Does no content marketing tool start with the letter “x”? Seems like a nice marketing opportunity!
  45. Youzign – Basic web-based tool for creating marketing graphics: Facebook covers, Twitter covers, YouTube
    channel art, infographics.
  46. Zemanta – Content ad platform for amplification.

Other content marketing tool resources:

A big part of compiling this list of tools was a group effort – participation marketing in action!

Conclusion: Being a ProBlogger or content marketer these tools can really lead a long way for your content in terms of popularity and engagement.

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