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10 Best AI Writing Tools of 2022

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We all produce online material. Some of us simply compose emails, texts, or posts on social media. Some of us create the text that appears on our websites, in product descriptions, advertisements, and even customer support.

One kind of software that can produce content for you is AI writing software. Tools for writing articles, books, blogs, and other types of content are provided by an AI-powered writing helper. These are but a few advantages of using AI writing tools.

Your needs and how to discover the greatest AI copywriting tool are entirely up to you. I hope you find this purchase advice for AI authoring tools useful!


The most effective AI writing tools are listed below:


#1. Rytr

We began operations in April 2021, and we haven’t looked back since. With a base of more than 60,000 Rytrs worldwide with ratings that are almost always excellent, we are already acknowledged as the market leader in this area and have even bigger plans for the future.


  • Character count, word count, and a tone checker facilitate and speed up content creation.
  • A plagiarism check guarantees that your content is of the greatest calibre.
  • Check your writing’s grammar to make it professional-level.
  • By creating content from our enormous library of more than 2,000 ideas, you can learn what works best for your idea.
  • Use Form Generator to add a professional touch to your content by personalising it.
  • Log in to Rytr.me to save your work.



Free Plan

Saver Plan: $9/month; $90/year (Get 2 months free!)

Unlimited Plan: $29/month; $290/year (Get 2 months free!)

Website: https://rytr.me/


#2. Jasper

Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis, is one of the top AI writing software tools. Jasper acquired authoring programmes like Headlime and Shortly AI. At the time this article was written, both tools were standalone solutions, however they both have plans to completely integrate with Jasper.


  • Enhance your writing and generate new concepts. 5X quicker with more than 50 tested templates.
  • Write lengthy content, such as reports, emails, blog articles, and stories.
  • Make and provide guidelines for Jasper to follow, such as a SOP or framework.
  • Jasper is able to read and write in more than 25 different languages with intelligence and creativity.
  • Create keyword-optimized content 5X faster for Google page 1 rankings.
  • To explore how Jasper helps businesses write better content at scale, request a demo.



Starter Mode: Starts at $29/mo for 20,000 words/mo.

Boss Mode: Starts at $59/mo for 50,000 words/mo.

SEO Surfer add-on: starts at $59/mo

Website: https://www.jasper.ai/


#3. Surfer


If you can only buy one tool, I’d suggest you grab Surfer. It enables you to produce content that is SEO-friendly, browse the web for content inspiration, and rise to the top of search results quickly.

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The fact that Surfer’s document editor makes it simple to copy text and paste it right into your website’s content management system (CMS) without having to reformat it is one of my favourite features. 


  • Generate Content Strategy
  • Unique AI headings and paragraphs
  • Get Content Suggestions
  • Dominate your Niche with a Full Audit
  • Instantly check keywords in Google
  • Integrate Content Editor
  • Create optimized, unique paragraphs
  • Surfer’s AI Growth Management Platform



Basic: $59/mo; $49/mo annually

Pro: $119/mo; $99/mo annually

Business: $239/mo; $199 annually

Website: https://surferseo.com/


#4. QuillBot

One of the most complete writing tools available is QuillBot. You shouldn’t pass up using this tool if you’re a student, academic, or need to conduct research and produce citations.

It’s completely free to use, and you can test it out without even creating an account, which is great. You can simply log in and begin utilising the programme without fiddling with any marketing text.


  • Paraphraser
  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Co-Writer 
  • Summarizer
  • Citation Generator
  • Browser extension for Chrome
  • Microsoft Word extension



Annual: $8.33/mo

Semi-Annual: $13.33/mo

Monthly: $19.95/mo

Website: https://quillbot.com/


#5. Grammarly 

Grammarly is revolutionary! It’s the AI authoring tool that you actually need despite not thinking you did. Because it doesn’t only concentrate on syntax, it’s an excellent AI writing tool. It also considers the general tone and style to make sure that your material appeals to the target audience.


  • Grammar checker 
  • Contextual spelling checker 
  • Punctuation correction
  • Style suggestions
  • Integrated with a variety of platforms such as Google Docs
  • Error-free proofreading
  • Long-form content editor




Premium (for individuals): $12.00/mo

Business (for teams): $12.50/mo

Website: https://www.grammarly.com/


#6. CopyAI

With its numerous automatic creativity tools, CopyAI assists in overcoming writer’s block. It also provides a variety of AI-made templates to aid in the beginning of your project. With CopyAI’s new long-form document editor, you can work on all of your ideas in one location.


  • Free version that is always free and doesn’t require a credit card
  • Free online resources that don’t require you to sign up, like business name generators, Instagram caption generators, and email subject line generators
  • 100+ templates are available for creating copy.
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Possess the ability to write digital ads, social media posts, websites, eCommerce copy, blogs, and sales copy.
  • Several languages
  • Keep your target market in mind.
  • Merchandise descriptions
  • Extended document editor



Free Plan

Pro: $49/month

Team: Custom Pricing

Website: https://www.copy.ai/


#7. Wordtune

AI21 Labs, a company launched in 2018 by leaders in AI, created Wordtune. We create sophisticated language models and AI tools that can comprehend the context and semantics of written material. 

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Wordtune stands out as the first AI-based writing companion thanks to these models, which go well beyond simple grammar and spelling corrections to assist you in expressing your own ideas in words.


  • Rewriting articles with artificial intelligence
  • Adjust the voice in your writing.
  • Rephrase or lengthen your sentence
  • Grammar and spelling checks
  • Integration of Microsoft Word

Website: https://www.wordtune.com/




#8. Writesonic

We blend the capabilities of AI with human ingenuity to advance content creation. Writesonic supports professionals in scaling content development and output while adhering to their beliefs, from independent contractors to multinational corporations.


  • Write 1500+ word articles and blogs
  • Instantly paraphrase your text
  • Expand and lengthen your content
  • Summarize any piece of content in 1 click
  • Craft epic descriptions for your products
  • Create high-performing FB Ads
  • Detailed answers to Quora Questions
  • Get high-converting Google ad copy
  • Develop high-converting landing pages
  • Catchy blog titles at your fingertips

Website: https://writesonic.com/



#9. Ink for All

According to their website, Ink for All is AI writing software that enables you to “speak with purpose.” It does both text editing and browser extension tasks. By providing writing tools that allow anyone to produce content that performs effectively, Ink for All democratises the content marketing process.


  • Paraphrasing
  • AI writing robot
  • SEO clientele
  • Quicker content creation
  • Team leadership
  • Headline generator

Website: https://inkforall.com/




#10. Copysmith

An AI copywriting tool called Copysmith assists users in creating material for their blogs or websites. Additionally, it offers a simple method for disseminating and promoting already developed material.

The platform provides a number of tools to assist users in creating various forms of content, with the article builder being the most well-liked because it enables users to create original pieces.


  • Integrations
  • Chrome Extension
  • API
  • Bulk Product Descriptions
  • Bulk Content Generation
  • Teams & Collaboration
  • Campaign Builder



Starter: $19/month

Professional: $59/month

Teams: $118/month for 2 users

Website: https://copysmith.ai/


Concluding remarks:

Do your own research before choosing anything, always. Although there is a lot of material in this buying guide for AI authoring software, you will have your own special requirements. The ideal AI authoring programme will entirely depend on your requirements.

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