Top Affiliate Networks for Indian Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing in India is growing rapidly; more and more people want to make money from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great source of making money online; with affiliate marketing, you can promote others offers and earn some commissions. If you are also looking to start affiliate marketing in India and looking for some Indian affiliate networks than here are some best Indian Affiliate Networks to get started with. Before that let me explain you the common abbreviations used in affiliate marketing.

So, What is Affiliate Network Exactly?

An affiliate network is a Third parties company/website that provides a platform between a publisher and a company to allow publishers the ability to find and join affiliate programs.  an affiliate network reduces our burden of signing up on multiple merchant websites to become their affiliate. using an affiliate network you can promote multiple merchant/advertiser from a single dashboard and can see your report from a single dashboard for example: if you want to become and an affiliate of Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal to promote their products and earn the commission you no need to apply on their website separately. YOu can find any good affiliate network who have all these companies and start promoting these companies products from affiliate network dashboard only.

 Affiliate Marketing Payment Model They Have:
  1. CPS – Cost per sale
  2. CPA – Cost per action
  3. CPI- Cost per install
  4. CPC – Cost per click
  5. CPL – Cost per Lead

Here is List of Top Affiliate Network for Indian:

  • Payoom This is one of the fastest growing affiliate network, personally used by me as well. Payoom offers plenty of CPS, CPL, CPS, CPI,  offers of reputed brands. I have worked with them, and they offer great support and timely payouts.
    payoom.comSignup for Payoom
  • Tyroo – Tyroo offers various affiliate offers like CPA, CPI, CPS, CPC, etc. Tyroo has a lot of top affiliate offers.
    Tyroo MediaSignup for Tyroo Affiliate
  • vCommission vCommission is my favorite Indian affiliate network. You will find about all popular affiliate offers with them. You will find a lot of CPA, CPI, CPC and CPS offers. They pay on time directly into your Bank account. vCommission was established in 2008 and now is top Indian affiliate network.
    vcommision affiliateVisit Vcommision
  • OMGOMG is another popular affiliate network in India. They have plenty of Indian and International offer. They have lots of CPA, CPS and mobile offer to promote.
    omg india affiliate
    Visit OMG India
  • iCubes WiresiCubesWire is a pay for performance affiliate marketing network provides performance based Cost per Sale(CPS), Cost per Lead(CPL), Cost per registration, Cost per sign-up, Cost per call services for all your online advertising needs.
    icubeswire.comi Cubes Wire
  • DGM India – DGM is one of the best and leading digital ad networks. The sad part about it is the availability. It is available only for Indians. They have top advertiser affiliate offers.
    Visit DGM India
  • AdUncleAdUncle is one of the fastest growing affiliate networks. They have plenty of Indian and International CPA offers. You will find reputed international and Indian offers.
    Visit AdUncle Website
  • Ibibo Ads – There are very few ad networks that accept sites that have major Indian traffic but ibibo ads being Indian ad network they accept Indian traffic. When they don’t have any ads to fill, they fill in-house ads that are paid on the cost per lead or CPL basis. They manage their publishers and advertisers through OpenX self-hosted ad platform which is very basic ad management software and don’t offer advanced ad targeting options like Interest based which means they do not offer such options to their advertisers.

Goibibo Affiliate Page

  • Komli Media Komli is another popular affiliate network in India which was started in 2006. There is hundreds of CPA, CPS, PPC offers available on Komli. They pay between net 30 to 60 days, but you have to send them an invoice every month.

Komli Media

  • FiveLead –  India’s fastest growing affiliate network.  It is an India based Affiliate Marketing Network growing at a fast pace. It a Performance-based based payment on each Click; Money can be earned by promoting the Leads or by generating Sales. FiveLead India helps website owners, those who have a blog, publishing page, email list and PPC marketing people to make money from their page by simply keeping the traffic in it. We verify all the campaigns and highlight them closely to provide our Affiliates with high rates available in the conversion business. 

Visit Five Lead

Conclusion: So take the first step and choose a top Indian affiliate program right away. The rest of the world is already making handsome profits with affiliate marketing. And it’s your turn now.

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