Affiliate Marketing Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher

Affiliate Marketing Job Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher

When it comes to affiliate marketing job interviews, just like any other niche in the digital sector, there are always going to be certain questions that are more likely to pop up than others – so it’s important to be prepared. On this page, you can find a list of the common affiliate marketing job interview questions

Q1: Explain Affiliate Marketing

Ans: Affiliate Marketing is derived from the concept of revenue sharing. Here the affiliate partner advertises a product or service on his website/ blog for some percentage of profit.

This type of marketing is also known as performance -based marketing.

Q2: Why is Affiliate marketing considered by marketers?

Ans: Affiliate marketing is considered by marketers because it gives them the ability to connect with the global audience. It offers larger coverage. This advertising channel is also less expensive as one has to pay only when the agreed action has taken place. The brand is advertised for free.

Sale of a product, getting registrations through the affiliate partner’s website could be some of the agreed action.

This kind of marketing is said to generate a steady income and doesn’t need you to be an expert in marketing.

Q3: What affiliate marketing mistakes have you made and learnt from in the past year?

Ans: When answering this question, the employer is, again, looking for honesty – and rather than the mistake itself, they’re more interested in hearing about how you overcame this mistake and learnt from it. Think about all the affiliate marketing mistakes you’ve made in the last 12 months (you must have made at least one!) – and try and pick out any which you’ve been able to turn into a positive. Think about how and why this mistake was made – and how making this mistake allowed you to either build a better relationship with the affiliate or produce more ROI overall. Remember, they’re keen to find out how you managed to move on from this mistake and turn it into a positive!

Q4: Is Affiliate marketing and Referral marketing one and the same?

Ans: Affiliate Marketing and Referral Marketing are often considered same. But there is a slight difference between the two.

Both use an affiliate website or a third person to make sales. In Affiliate marketing, the money you make motivates you to drives sales whereas personal relations and trust are the motivational factors that drive sales in referral marketing.

Q5: Is there room for improvement in our affiliate marketing efforts?

Ans: Now with the above question once you have given them your opinion, the interviewer would want to know what can you do to get better results out of their program. You can be innovative while answering this question and what you can bring in with your experience of affiliate marketing.

Q6: What do you understand about Scrubbing Leads in affiliate marketing?

Ans: Scrubbing Leads is a practice where you ask the affiliate not to promote the service or product of the owner anymore. This is usually done when the affiliate is not getting the desired leads and is not performing well.

The affiliate may misrepresent the product or service, or communicate poorly about the service, or simply promote the product poorly which might harm the owner’s reputation.

Q7: What do you know about Shaving Leads in affiliate marketing?

Ans: Shaving leads is a practice where some of the leads sent by the affiliate are discarded or not considered in the final calculations. This could be owing to the poor quality of leads, breaking the rules or may also arise due to the unethical behavior of the master in the affiliate relationship. If the commission is not paid or reduced without any notice or no explainable reason, it is unethical. Sometimes, in order to limit the affiliate’s earnings, once a certain number of leads are reached the company shaves off the affiliate’s id.

Conclusion: In your Affiliate Marketing interview, be sure to complement or appreciate some of the work of the company that may have stood out for you or why you would want to work for them. Ensure that you have done ample research on the company, but at the same time, don’t be afraid to criticize their current marketing strategies or highlight areas for improvement. If they were perfect, they would not need you! Learn the above affiliate marketing interview questions and answers and ace your interview.

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