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Affiliate Marketing Job Interview Question-Answer for Beginners

  • November 9 2020
  • Shamsher

Affiliate Marketing is the emerging marketing technique which has witnessed exponential growth lately. To get the exciting job of an Affiliate marketer, go through the following set of questions asked frequently for the job interview.


Question 1: Elaborate Affiliate Marketing?

Answer: Affiliate marketing is based on the concept of revenue sharing. It is often based on the performance due to which a healthy competition prevails with increased efficiency. The affiliate marketers promote the brand on their website or blog in this type of revenue sharing.


Question 2: What do you understand by Native Shopping Ads by Amazon?

Answer: It is an innovative method of advertising by Amazon with its affiliate marketers. These ads are very appropriate and are based on the users’ keyword searches. The advertisements appear in the end or middle of the content in properly categorised sections.


Question 3: What are the different kinds of links that the Amazon Associate Program allows you to create?

Answer: Under this program, we can create simple text links, banners, or text and image links, etc.


Question 4: What is the difference between Affiliate Marketing and Referral Marketing?

Answer: Affiliate marketing and referral marketing are more or less the same. While both of these use the third party to make the sales the difference lies in the driving force. In affiliate marketing, it is based on revenue sharing and in referral marketing, the driving force is majorly the Personal Relation and trust.


Question 5: What do you mean by Scrubbing leads in Affiliate Marketing?   

Answer: When the performance of the affiliate tends to fall down due to poor communication or misrepresentation, the owner might ask the affiliate to stop promoting their products or services. This is done to make sure there is no negative marketing of the owner’s products (or services).


Question 6: What do you mean by Shaving leads in Affiliate Marketing?

Answer: Sometimes the leads by the affiliate are not considered ethical and hence, are excluded from the final calculation of revenue sharing. However, if this is done without information, it will be unethical on the part of the owner. Therefore, it is necessary to define the terms of engagement beforehand.


Question 7: Name some tools that an Affiliate Marketer can use for improved efficiency?

  1. Google keyword planner
  2. Ahrefs (This tool helps in keeping track of the traffic on the competitors’ websites)
  3. Google Search Console (It helps in improving the overall performance by giving you appropriate data on how user-friendly is your website on the search engine)
  4. Buzzsumo (It is a content marketing planning tool that will help you in research and developing adequate strategies)

There are many other reliable tools to improve our efficiency as an affiliate marketer.


Question 8: Tell us about some unethical practices that are used by Affiliate Marketers?

Answer: There are some unethical practices that lead to Scrubbing or Shaving leads. As affiliate marketers, we must refrain from publishing misleading or false advertisements, trademark infringement, spamming potential leads, cookie stuffing, typosquatting, and many other practices that might negatively impact the brand image.


Question 9: What are the current trends in Affiliate Marketing?

Offers like cashbacks, giveaways, discounts, and other coupons are on a fling these days. Besides these, we must also generate good quality and consistent content to perform well as affiliate marketers in the current times.


Conclusion: No matter what the interviewer asks you, face the questions with confidence, and be prepared because you know your stuff well!

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