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8 Advanced Tips for Optimizing Youtube Videos This 2017

Youtube, being one of the most visited sites on the internet, boasts of over 6 billion hours of video streaming watched every month. Statistics show that an internet user can navigate Youtube in 88 countries in 76 different languages. It has over a billion users comprising almost one-third of the web population.

Youtube is also next to Google in the search engine area. It is accessible to hundreds of millions of subscribers of the same magnitude of downloading devices. 17 percent traffic flowing through the internet passes through Youtube. It generates 1 billion views from mobile devices accessed daily.

A staggering 100 hours of video uploads happen every minute on this site. Youtube has updated more contents in 60 days than three major US networks combined in the past 60 years. These statistics of Youtube is mind blowing showing how technology sped up the way we handle technology. As if this is not enough, there are still ways to optimize the way you are currently using Youtube.

Here are some ways to utilize the usage of Youtube for search awareness:

  • It is vital to write a long, detailed description for each video you upload. The length and detail describing your video will determine your rankings in similar searches on the web. The reason is when Google and YouTube browsing detect keywords in your description.
  • The right keywords are essential and need careful research and scrutiny. YouTube’s videos are accessible on Google too. Since it is second to Google in search engine rankings, it is best to optimize your videos.
  • If possible, embed and share videos wherever there is a chance to do so. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with videos is best as it could generate 70% of Google search results as what statistics show in 2012.
  • Having curated videos in your posts increases search results, adding viewership, adds the length of stay in the channel, which is essential to your key performance indicators that in effect improves your Return of Investment in the business.
  • Metrics monitoring, growing subscribers, and keeping the viewers at bay, your videos often opened and clicked, prolonged viewership are the essential ingredients of Youtube enhancement and success.

    There are four Essential Metrics to watch:

  • The Search Engine Results Pages
  • The Click Through Rate
  • Low Bounce Back Rates
  • Building backlinks
  • Making the best video for the appropriate viewing time is good for the viewing public. A good video promotion is from 30 seconds to one minute. The half-a-minute video ad run time is best. Video contents are for ten minutes or more. Music videos make up for three to five minutes. Short videos are best when posting on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Vine.
  • Spend time and money to shoot and edit like a real professional. Having a good video upload will attract more viewers to your channel coupled with a detailed description of your video.
  • Crowd Sourcing Views is an alternative marketing tool to consider. This method is applied to have a market research through a survey-reward marketing indicator. Surveys are available with a payment of $0.10₵ to $1.00 per finished survey. The promotion research increases the views.


Be meticulous in the filling up of fields when posting your Youtube videos, by doing so, viewership is increased and will draw attention from the internet populace. Filling up the fields will help in viewer awareness completely.

Professional video captions and contents are a start for audience visibility. Giving attention to details and following these steps will help your business grow through more views that will keep your performance indicators clicking.



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