7 Secret Techniques to Improve SEO Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the fastest-growing marketing strategies being used all over the world. Ever since the shift in marketing strategies from print to screen sprouted, SEO has made a name for itself.

It has grown popular because of its proven effectiveness in almost every aspect of business marketing. There is a wide range of SEO techniques to choose from, but in the SEO marketing world, not all of these might be effective for certain businesses.

Don’t get me wrong, SEO marketing is useful and effective for all businesses. However, as to the SEO techniques used, each business would vary.

Here are 7 basic SEO techniques which you ought to apply and which will surely be helpful to your business:


Finding and using the right keywords is vital in SEO marketing. Keywords are the foundation of SEO. Since search engines base their search results on the queries typed in by users, it is vital that you can study and analyze well the keywords that are often used by people to find you, your product, or your services.

You can also study the competitiveness and effectiveness of the keywords used by your competitors so you can gauge your standing and so that you will be able to position yourself better and get a higher rank in search engine results pages.    


Creating useful and relevant content and incorporating the right keywords and positioning them properly will help you in gaining the visibility and traffic that you need. Search engines value quality and so the more relevant and important your contents are, the higher your rank will be in search engine result pages.

Pictures, Audio, Video

Search engines also consider the length of time each visitor stays on a certain webpage. To do so, you can add other things such as pictures, audio, or video files related to your products and services.

These will make people interested to stay on your website but remember not to overdo things. The longer the visitor stays on the webpage the better.

The more often users revisit that page, the better. These are good indications that the users find the information on the website relevant. Hence, it would show search engines that your website is relevant and so it deserves to be ranked high in search engine results pages.

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 Link Building

Another good indication of search engines is the number of relevant backlinks to your website. You have to keep in mind that backlinks to your website would indicate that a lot of other websites consider the contents of your site to be relevant.

Also, remember that search engines consider .edu and .gov sites as an authority. Hence, it would work to your advantage if websites such as those mentioned will create a link back to your website.

 Meta Title and Meta Description

The meta title is the title that appears in search engine results pages with a link to your website while the meta description contains an overview of the content which can be found on your website.

These are the only bases that people have in choosing which website to visit. Hence, make it as catchy as possible and on-point so that people will be enticed to visit your website.

 Social Media List of Influencer Outreach Tools for SEO Link Building

Make sure that your social media accounts are properly updated. Almost everyone has a social media account. Hence, this is one of the fastest ways you will be able to reach out to the market.

Do not post too much in a day and remember to always reply to people’s comments as soon as possible. This will give people the idea that you are paying attention to them and that you value their opinions.

 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very useful and helpful tool to guide you in monitoring the progress of your online marketing campaign. Using this tool can help you determine if you have to continue employing the same SEO techniques or change them.


Conclusion: Remember that the ultimate goal here is conversion, which is the true measure of the success of the online marketing campaign. Conversion refers to the change of visitors into loyal customers, which further means that the SEO marketing you are using is helping you increase your sales and profits.

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