7 Digital Marketing Techniques Business Owners Must Know

We all are very much aware of the fact that digital marketing is an indispensable part of a business today. If businesses are not marketing their products and services digitally, for many people those businesses don’t even exist. In fact, Jeff Bezos also once said, “It’s hard to find businesses that don’t sell online.” In short, in this era, marketing is a synonym for digital marketing.

Besides, the reasons for choosing digital marketing over traditional ones are quite obvious when it comes to various benefits of digital marketing such as

  1. More cost-effective

  2. Easily accessible

  3. Wider reach

This is the reason why every business today is running behind in creating foolproof digital marketing techniques or plans. But now the question arises: if so many people are doing digital marketing, how can businesses stand out from the crowd? The answer is really simple and it is with your unique techniques. Your unique techniques and strategies will assist you in embarking on your presence and standing out from the rest.

That being the case, this blog will effectively highlight the top 7 digital techniques that every business owner needs to know. So let’s dive right into the blog and unveil the secret of creating an extraordinary digital marketing plan.

7 Digital Media Marketing Strategies for Business Owners

  1. Personalization is the key 

We have been living in a world of technology and this world has given an easy way through the internet for consumers to access ample options to choose their products.  Every consumer literally has hundreds of options for one single category of even the basic product they need in their homes.  This is the reason consumers are now expecting businesses to put on a little extra effort to make consumers feel that companies care for them.  this is your personalization is your one-stop solution.

Let us explain exactly how it works. Have you wondered, whenever you search anything on Google related to shopping there are pretty good chances that you will see similar ads on your other apps like Flipkart and social media channels like Instagram?  This is exactly how personalization works.  When you show your customers what exactly they are interested in, it makes them more prone to make a final purchase from your business. That’s why personalization is one of the most effective techniques of digital marketing that every business owner should adhere to.

The concept of personalization by businesses started right from addressing the consumers with their names and wishing them on their birthdays. However, now this does not end here, the consumers of the modern world want everything according to their personal preferences. Right from remembering the important dates to giving suggestions that are valid to each and every consumer at the personal level is what the modern consumer wants.

In fact, the consumers of the contemporary world are now so obsessed with the concept of personalization that they are not even ready to interact with brands that do not offer personalized experiences. To substantiate, 80% of regular consumers only shop with brands that offer personalized experiences.

However, one important consideration over here is that you should not limit your personalization to suggestions for birthday wishes, you also need to personalize your content for your target audience.

When you will start personalizing everything as per the preferences of your target audience,  you will automatically be able to convert more leads. Besides, if we are not wrong this is one of your ultimate SMART goals right?


  1. Mobile friendliness is crucial

We all know the penetration of mobile is increasing at a rampant pace and this trend is not stopping anytime soon. Hence, it is also essential to understand that most of your consumers are going to receive your digital marketing messages through their smartphones and small screens. This brings us to our next technique that can assist you in acing your digital marketing.

To continue, you have to ensure that whatever content or message you are trying to deliver to your target audience, it should always go through a mobile-friendly medium.  For example, if you are posting blogs on your website to connect with your target audience,  it is really essential that your website should be mobile-friendly.

Mobile-friendliness of the mediums will ensure that your consumers are receiving the message exactly in a way you want them to perceive. Some of the tips to ensure that your website or app remains mobile-friendly are mentioned below.

  1. Firstly, you should always focus on keeping your design and your content simple and readable. So that, even if your target audience opens your message through their small screen they will be able to read and engage with it effectively.

  2. Another thing that needs to be taken under consideration is that you should always make sure that you are not adding too many features to a single webpage or a section. This would make your content look cluttered and messy which can confuse your consumers and resist them from purchasing from you.

  3. Video is the ultimate tool

Nobody can deny the fact that video is the ultimate future of every industry. Right from the education sector to corporate workforces,  everyone is using videos to understand  and retain concepts more effectively. So, how can the digital marketing industry lag behind? With this, we came up with a second technique that can assist you in revamping your game of digital marketing.

Irrespective of whatever medium you choose to deliver your message through your digital marketing, videos are the ultimate tool that can assist you. Videos have the capability of explaining things in a more effective way and viewers can also retain the video content in their memories.

In fact, as a statistics, viewers can easily retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text. So why would you not choose to offer something that will actually help you in keeping your brand in the minds of consumers for a longer period of time? There are ample video types that you can use to deliver your message such as

  1.  How-to tutorials

  2.  Explainer videos

  3.  Live video streaming

  4.  Short videos.

Hence, the need is to effectively understand what type of video you would like to choose to deliver your marketing message. Besides, video is also better in reaching more and more of the target audience which will contribute to enhancing your brand visibility. This will ultimately enhance your online presence which means you will be able to generate more leads and more revenue generation.


  1. Content still remains the king

Irrespective of how much trends in digital marketing revolutionize,  the one fact that will always remain constant is that the quality of the content should always be high. It does not matter whether you are writing for a website, app, social media handles or any other platform where you digitally market your product or service,  the quality of the content should always remain high.

Moreover, you also need to take care of the fact that the soul of content is always the right keyword. Hence, keyword optimization should also be your one core focus when you’re writing your content for any digital marketing platform. The reason is that people are going to search out for you based on the keywords that they would relate to your business. Hence, it is really essential to make your content optimized in order to make it more efficient.


  1. Trends are essential

The only thing that’s constant in the digital marketing world is its changing trends. New trends come up every day and the businesses that follow the trends are the only ones that are remembered.

Hence it is really essential to keep a note of always evolving trends of digital marketing in order to ensure that you hop on every trend of the digital marketing. This will not only assist you in sustaining your online presence but will also help you embark your mark in the minds and hearts of your target market.

For this, you need to ensure good research of digital trends. Effective research will assist you in identifying the trends that people are engaging with most across different digital platforms.

Besides, one of the biggest trends in digital marketing nowadays is real-time marketing also known as newsjacking. To define, real-time marketing refers to the marketing done by brands by using some of the latest happenings going around the world.

Once you start hopping on the trends, you will effectively be able to engage with your target audience and grab their attention.  This will assist you in retaining in the minds of your target audience for a long period of time which will ultimately benefit your business in the long run.


  1. Technology is a helping hand

Talking about digital marketing and not mentioning technology never ends well. Thanks to technological advancements that gave a completely new shape to the digital marketing world. There are many software and applications that can assist businesses in easing the way they market their products. For example, CRM tools can now not only regulate your posting but many AI-based CRMs can even create content for your digital marketing mediums.

Moreover, not only this, but the way things were marketed has also changed. Now with the use of AR, AI, and VR, even simple messages could be turned into impactful ones to attract and retain your precious target audience. This is how technology is becoming a crucial helping hand for businesses in making more and more impactful digital marketing plans.

Hence, the need is to effectively understand the technological advancements and choose the best one for your business.  Effectively combining the latest technologies with your digital marketing plan will assist you in strengthening your digital marketing plan which will assist you in enhancing the growth of your business.


  1. Measure efforts constantly

There would be no point in investing in all of the digital marketing techniques discussed above if you do not keep track of your efforts. The reason is when you measure your efforts you also identify the key areas where you can improve to perform even better. This perfectly aligns with one of the most popular quotes from Peter Drucker that states, “You cannot improve, what you can’t measure”.

Hence, it is very crucial for you to understand the key performance indicators of digital marketing and how you can keep a track of those marketing KPIs. After identifying the right KPIs, you will be able to keep a track of your efforts and find out the key strengths and weaknesses of your digital marketing plan. Based on the effective evaluation, you can strengthen your positives and eliminate the weaknesses to make your digital marketing plan foolproof.

To encapsulate, whether we accept it or not digital marketing is a must-have if you want to sustain your business in the highly competitive market. Hence, you need to get prepared by using some foolproof techniques to secure your sustainability in the long run. Moreover, the above-given strategies will assist you in enhancing your digital marketing game and making a substantial difference in your business.

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