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7 Brilliant Amazon Advertising Tools You Must Know of in 2020

To achieve long-term success on Amazon, you must streamline all the vital elements of your e-commerce business. Whether it is expanding your listing, re-pricing, advertising, managing inventory or taking care of customer service- each aspect should be managed with utmost efficiency. Evidently, manually handling all these tasks can be quite challenging and arduous, especially if you are constantly expanding your business. This is where automated tool helps sellers to simplify various tasks, reduce their burned and allow them to build effective strategies to facilitate success. 

In this article, we will be highlighting some of the best Amazon advertising tools that assist you in becoming a successful Amazon seller in 2020. 


  • AMZScout 


AMZScout is a popular web app as well as a Chrome extension that assists Amazon sellers in optimizing their advertising campaigns. It helps sellers understand the competitive landscape of a product along with sales history. This automated tool allows them to save a lot of time in selecting the right business niche by obtaining useful data, thereby providing a strong base for your marketing strategy. Furthermore, the keyword research feature provided by this tool, enables users to identify the right keywords and optimize their PPC campaign based on that search terms.




  • SellerMotor 


SellerMotor is a powerful Amazon PPC automation tool, which can significantly streamline your advertising campaign. To create an automated PPC, simply select your goals and budget and the tool will manage the rest without any hassle. You do not have to provide any other additional information.  It will collect and analyze your previous campaign data to make necessary modifications to provide better ROI.

Furthermore, SellerMotor adds relevant and useful keywords that are profitable for your product or brand in the long run. It also remove out the terms that are no longer providing adequate results, thereby reducing the cost, increasing the revenue, and ameliorating the efficiency of your advertising campaign. Contrary to other bidding that is bounded by tons of rules, the PPC management adjusts and optimizes your bids automatically to generate optimum profitability. It also automatically adjust the budgets for the less profitable campaigns and invest in advertising campaigns that are generating more profits, thereby eliminating manual work. The tool offers a free one-month free trial and the paid plan starts at USD 59 per month. 


  1. JumpSend 

JumpSend is effective email automation as well as a coupon distribution tool. The tool executes automated marketing campaigns in order to help sellers attract more shoppers and optimize their sales. You can personalize the email to cater to your audience and can be scheduled. The promotional section in this tool allows sellers to offer deals on their new products. When the deal if sold, the tool sends a follow-up email encouraging shoppers to rate the product.

This significantly helps in generating organic product reviews, thereby generating more traffic. JumpSend also has a feature that allows you to manage refund requests. When a customer requests a refund, an automatic response email will be sent to the seller to provide the immediate notification. This feature will enable you to address and resolve customers’ queries in a timely manner and mitigate the probabilities of negative reviews. It is an affordable tool and the pricing plan starts at USD 29 per month.



  • Kparser


Kparser is an excellent advertising tool that helps you improve your product’s performance on the Amazon marketplace. It allows you to search for long-tail suggestions for your keywords from Amazon, eBay, Bing, Google, and YouTube. By harnessing relevant and valuable keywords, sellers can generate higher visibility and advertise their brand to broader audience on the Amazon. 

Kparser has a straightforward interface that can extract keyword suggestions and help you in building effective advertising strategies. Kparser’s basic paid plan starts from USD 26 per month and the tool also offers a 10-day money-back guarantee. 



  • Sellics 


Sellics is an all-encompassing tool for sellers who don’t wish to juggle between multiple tools. It combines some of the most prominent aspects of Amazon selling including SEO, PPC, reviews, inventory management, and product research. This tool Amazon’s data and metrics and converts them into actionable steps and help sellers optimize their advertising campaigns 

Sellics offer keywords and analytics and PPC management features that allow them to get the most precise data and insight to effectively advertise their products on the marketplace. The tool has two versions – Seller Edition that caters to Amazon sellers and another one known as Vendor Edition that serves vendors. It provides sellers with 14-days of free trial and the paid plan starts at USD 57 per month. 


  1. Sellerlabs

Sellerlabs provides smart Amazon PPC management, which helps sellers optimize their ads and ensure they spend less time managing their advertising campaigns. It ensures that you remain below the ACoS percentage target, allowing you to spend less on your paid ads and focus only on relevant keywords. 

This tool helps you monitor your campaigns and figure out what is working for you and what is not, thereby helping the performance of your product at the Amazon marketplace. It offers smart and personalized filters for the keywords along with unlimited data download to make your PPC management more efficient. The basic pricing plan for this tool starts from USD 49 per month. 



  • Cashcowpro


Cashcowpro is a versatile Amazon tool that manages your PPC campaign along with customer services. This tool enables you to assess the SKUs of your products and make real-time changes based on the performance. It tracks 100 keywords per product to efficiently monitor the performance. It allows you to send automated emails to customers so that you can provide round the clock customer services, thereby generating more organic and positive reviews. Cashcowpro provides a 10-day free trial and its paid plan starts at USD 99.70 per month. 


The way you advertise your product on Amazon determines your success as a seller on this platform. Above are the top Amazon advertising tool that helps sellers make strong and personalized marketing campaign to generate more traffic and sales.

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