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7 Best Free SEO Tools To Supercharge Your Search Ranking

  • April 17 2019
  • Shamsher

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves getting traffic from the search results on search engines. The search engines would include, Google, Bing, and Yahoo as they have primary search results. They show content such as web pages related to various searches as relevant to users.

SEOs have become so important that they are used invariably every few seconds. Research suggests that about 52% of mobile users generate SEO usage every day.


People not only search for some business but also seek out the exact location and popularity of that particular business.

They make purchases online based on the reviews they get. Today, SEOs have become an important part of search engines worldwide.

Getting the right traffic has proved highly necessary and beneficial to the companies and clients - both alike.

That meaning, all those who wish to have an impactful presence online need to be updated with SEO.

However, you need not to be perplexed into thinking that SEO tools are all expensive and not for commoners. In fact, there are plenty of tools that are free of charge and equally accessible as well as affordable.

We bring to you 7 such best and free SEO tools so that you can supercharge your search:


#1 Google Analytics

This tool can be used for traffic stats and search results. It helps in accurate tracking of your site’s traffic. It also provides the related keywords to what people search and thus leads them to more related web pages. - "Google Analytics should be set up on every website", says Cale Loken at 301 Madison Consulting.

You may also access other free Google SEO tools such as the Keyword Planner and the Search Console in addition to Google Analytics for better results.



#2 Keyword Tool

This tool can be used to generate keyword ideas from just one keyword. After you enter a keyword in the keyword tool search box, it will automatically list down related keywords for better search facilities.

The basic version is free of cost but for the advanced version, you need to pay a monthly fee of $48.

However, the reason we listed this tool in this page is that the free version is also very effective as you get about 750+ keyword suggestions and also there are no restrictions on the number of searches in a given day.



#3 WikiGrabber

This tool helps you to find out the important broken Wikipedia Links and Citations that maybe you could not otherwise get.

All you have to do is simply type the keyword of your research on WikiGrabber and it will list down all of the relevant pages which have broken links on them.  This will help you to broaden your search.



#4 Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

This tool is very popular and widely used as WordPress Plugins. It will supercharge your SEO while also offering utilities which would be helpful for both the beginners and experts.


For instance, you would be able to manage robots.txt or sitemaps even if you do have any coding knowledge. Now wouldn’t that be great?!



#5 Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog as an SEO website crawler allows the user to crawl any URL and extract significant information from them. It also enables you to find broken links and server errors while also generating XML Sitemaps.

XML Sitemaps would help you to discover duplicate content, review robots.txt and many more.



#6 CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

You could use this tool to create an eye-catchy headline. A headline is crucial as they will be the deciding factor for your article.

A good headline improves your site’s SEO. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer analyses your articles’ headlines and rates its overall quality.

It also rates its successive potential in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value and thus helps you to retain or alternatively change your heading.



#7 Nightwatch

This tool can be used for SEO performance reporting and tracking. It is actually an advanced SEO performance tracker and analytics tool.

Nightwatch equips you to scale your company’s search visibility which then helps you to make smarter decisions regarding your website or business.


You can analyze your keyword and website ranking data, along with advertising statistics, Google Analytics data, Search Console data, and Competitor’s ranking insights using Nightwatch.

This will eventually help you to advance your website’s search visibility.



Tip: This one tip will surely produce fruits for your site by increasing your site’s traffic. Bloggers outreach will help you to find and connect with the top influencers in your area and also help you to launch successful marketing campaigns.



Conclusion: The above tools will surely enable you to work smarter and faster with SEO and in return, you can use them to boost your marketing efforts and supercharge traffic to your website. So grab them and get your business going!

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