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6 Simple Steps to Earn Money Online in 2017

  • January 16 2017
  • Shamsher

A shocking news $2.1 billion in affiliate marketing fees were rewarded to the owner of the site and blog in 2016*. This news has got in a current survey what various savvy Internet marketers have recognized for a while.  Affiliate marketing has become the top business opportunity online as the beginning earnings are very low but the income you make can be mind-blowing.

Affiliate marketing consists of having your own website and sending your visitors to someone else's website to purchase their services or products. For each sale initiated by a link from your website, you can get a good earning percentage commission of affiliate sales.

Make-Money-Online6 simple steps to make money online

Come let’s discuss how you can earn cash online with these 6 important ways:

  1. Create a website or blog

Plan to start as an affiliate marketer, you must have a website on which to put links to the services or products you suggest. There are various low-priced site services such as GoDaddy and Hostgator. It is also simple to set up a free of cost blog through services like Google's Blogger blog network. You can use Hostnine for hosting and Namecheap for domains.

  1. Choose your Service and Product Niche:

Affiliate marketers assist entrepreneurs and companies sell everything from cell phones to clothes to site services. Pick a specific field which you are familiar with. You will be more likely to perform the job and less likely to feel boring before the cash starts rolling in.

  1. Search Services and Products to Promote:

Various affiliate networks are available to connect business with affiliate website publishers. They can assist in selling their products. Organizations such as:

  • PayDotCom, E-junkie, and Clickbank guide the pack in connecting the software and e-books creators with affiliates to facilitate advertise their products of digital download.
  • Google AdSense: It does not need your association to result in a sale. Your earning is fixed just on a basis of pay-per-click, just for promoting your visitors to click to a website of the merchant. PPC affiliate methods pay lots of money less than the methods where your recommendation must outcome in a sale. Bear in mind that a website peppered with advertisements and no trust and authority can feel and look like spam, and you would not obtain positive results.
  1. The content of Affiliate Website:

There are 2 major business models or approaches to pick from when setting up an affiliate marketing website:

  • Review Websites: You have tried the items in your niche, now rate them and write them to help your website visitors choose what to purchase. For every item you review, you offer a banner ad or link that clicks through for sales on your affiliate marketing website. Update in content is important--just pull your website one time a week to let the search engines recognize your website's still active, and always attempt to create links.
  • Resource Websites: These types of websites are only concentrated on providing lots of ideas like how to write articles and posts, and then offer banner ads and affiliate links to click for more information. Regularly adding fresh products related content is the main thing as it gives individuals a key reason to come back to your website--and click on your cash earning links.
  1. Affiliate Websites Must Attract Traffic:

The majority of individuals visit your blog or site but won't click your affiliate links. It is the reason it is actually important to use a mix of marketing tricks to boost up visitor and highly targeted traffic to your website.

Following are the major methods to obtain more website exposure and attract clients:

  • Marketing of E-mail: Each visitor to your website is actually precious, so note down their e-mail addresses and names to stay in touch is crucial. Several individuals might not purchase your affiliate items until the second or third time they hear from you. It is essential to keep the subscription box on your website for commoners to start getting a monthly or weekly newsletter from your company.
  • Paid Advertising: Paid advertising is the most crucial when your graphics, call-to-action message and ad copy headline come together to compel individuals to buy and click through.
  • Marketing of Article: This amazing method of marketing provides numerous advantages. You are creating credibility as a trustworthy source in your niche, attaining a top search engine ranking by raising the number of links promoting to your website and attracting traffic to your website. Work in a natural way and do not spam using software engines. You can start with EzineArticles - a well-known place to start.
  • Free Advertising: Free advertising websites such as US Free Ads and Craigslist. There are lots more famous spots that accept banner ads and links for free of cost. These tend to be websites of affiliate marketing themselves, gaining the cash whenever you just click on their online advertisements.
  1. Understand the Chains Of Forums:

Some well-known online communities of like-minded individuals who exchange ideas and insights. New beginners can join and can enhance their understanding and knowledge about affiliate marketing. You should join at least one of these free forums of affiliate marketing to help from suggestion shared by other experts, intermediates and newbies alike:

  • aBestWeb: It is the leading affiliate marketing forum, with almost 100 sub-forums. This forum site covers a vast range of affiliate marketing, but it covers particular subjects, with the bulk of participation by various serious affiliates and go-getter merchants.
  • Digital Point: The site has approximately 25,000 active members. The best thing is that this place is superb to learn important tips on affiliate marketing, plus some other useful and advanced techniques that will increase the opportunity for your career growth such as SEO and link building.
  • Warrior Forum: It is one of the renowned networking forums for a new one and advanced alike. Make your profile, just start participating, promote and ask questions as well.

Conclusion: Affiliate marketing is the best opportunity for people who want to earn money online. But before you begin, select a niche about which you are passionate for you huge success.

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