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6 Tools that will Elevate your SEO Efforts

In order to have a cohesive and streamlined SEO strategy, it is important to be equipped with the best tools for the job. Search engine optimization is an essential component to any website, so being able to maximize organic traffic easily can be a game-changer for the success of your website. These are some of the best tools that will help elevate your SEO efforts.

Google (Analytics)

This tool is useful for a number of reasons. The data collected by Google Analytics can be some of the most valuable information when beginning an SEO campaign. It is a free tool that looks at and tracks information about the way visitors interact with your site. It provides the numerical value to the content and information that is on your site so that you are able to see a specific performance for keywords, and how much traffic those words drive to your site. Using Google Analytics can provide information about your site that can point you in the right direction at the start of any SEO campaign.

Moz (Extension)

Moz is one of the most inclusive and comprehensive tools that is used in SEO. It is a multifaceted tool that not only allows you to look closer at local citations and data from social media but also points out immediate fixes that can be related to onsite or link opportunities. Another great component of Moz is the MozBar which calculates Moz metrics for whatever page you are on. These metrics include the Domain Authority and Page Authority. This helps provides valuable information about the quality of websites and how they compare to each other based on Moz metrics.

Majestic SEO

Majestic is a program that provides comprehensive backlink portfolios. This tool also shows detailed yet straightforward graphs that illustrate trends and patterns in backlink portfolios. Majestic is well known for keeping up to date information that can help throughout your SEO campaign. You can use both the historical index and fresh index to target your SEO strategy depending on the backlinks provided. Majestic also has metrics similar to domain and page authority called Trust Flow and Citation Flow that help predict where sites will rank among Google.

Screaming Frog

This tool is designed specifically for SEO purposes. It is a spider bot that is used to crawl URLs and gather specific information for the site, including links, images, and applications. You are able to export this information and filter it as necessary to be able to target specific information for SEO. From there you are able to analyze the information received and better target your SEO goals and desired results.


SEMRush tool is great for obtaining live updates for things such as organic competitors, top ranking keywords, and site traffic. It not only provides comprehensive reports for all of these factors but shows graphs and charts to make the information easily understood and concise. The keyword data is a standout facet of SEMRush because you are able to look at the SERP (search engine results page) so you can see what the results are when you look specifically at that keyword. You are then able to use that information to target specific keywords to boost organic rankings.


Social media is a huge component of SEO which is why a tool like Hootsuite is so important. Hootsuite is a social media management system that seamlessly integrates different social networking platforms on a single dashboard. This makes social media easy and efficient for growing a social following for SEO purposes. It supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, WordPress and more.  Another awesome feature in Hootsuite is the ability to schedule posts on multiple social media sites. On Twitter, for example, you are not able to schedule tweets, so on Hootsuite, you can make efficient use of your time by scheduling out a month of social media posts all in one day and be done.

Conclusion: These are just a handful of the many SEO tools that can elevate your campaign. The SEO industry is constantly shifting and improving so these tools are also going through continuous updates as well. Not all of them will apply to every SEO campaign, but hopefully, they can help you get started and explore the vast field that is SEO! What other SEO tools do you use to elevate your SEO Efforts?


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