Blogging Mistakes: Everything You Need To Know For Small Business

6 Big Blogging Mistakes That Small Business Make

Blogging for every new business is the prodigious way to get the new clients, to reach the maximum audience, to build the company profile, establish yourself and your company reputation to shape the reliable audience outlook. However, blogging is not something, which you can take in a light mode. There are many big errors that can demolish your business credibility’s, authority, reliability, and sincerity and discourage you client to work with you.

What May Blog Errors Effect To Your Small Business?

  1. Credibility
  2. Authority
  3. Reliability
  4. Sincerity

Keep reading to discover the 6big blogging Errors

No Blogging Schedule

The one big error that small businesses make that they are not loyal with your blogs and they don’t take it seriously to get the clients and to establish the company reputation. They don’t spend time on their blogs to schedule the post.

You don’t need to do a post on a daily basis. Many people try to update blogs at the beginning of their business, and after some time they get rid of it. Your blog can give you many clients if you spend some quality time and content on it. Here, I would like to suggest you that you don’t need to do one post every day because you have to do a lot of other things for your business.

Just make a schedule for your blog, it may be once a week or maybe twice a month. Set your schedule for blog posting and set one day to write posts for the whole week or month and then schedule it. But before scheduling, identify that time in which you get massive visitors at your blog.

Readers Engagement

If you have scheduled all of your posts for the week and month, Then you need to focus on your post that what you are posting on their blog.  Does your every post is all about your business growth and strategies? And what your team is doing at the back end? Remember one thing not everyone is interested every time to read about your business updates and strategies. They don’t want to learn about what your team and you are doing at the end.

Yes is it good to write about your business growth strategies and announcement but not healthy for every time? Try to share something different that adds value to people lives, and that teach your readers something new. So, they come again and again to your blog.

Not Working For User Interference

If you are not working on your blog for the better user interference, then you are making a big blogging error this could be the big blogging error. GoodUser interference helps you to increase bounce rate of your blog. You must be work on your user interference.

What Will I Need For Good User Interference?

  1. Good Theme
  2. Eye Catchy colors scheme
  3. Usage of eye catchy images
  4. Well written content
  5. Usage of SEO techniques like H1, H2 headings, etc

Not Posting Testimonials And Portfolios

Another big blogging error is that many small businesses do not use testimonials and company portfolios at their blog. This is the big blogging error that does not build trust between company and client or even new clients. Your company testimonials and portfolios help you to build the strong liaison between your company and clients. Even it helps to make new clients. Because new clients always try to find out some authentic things at business blogs such as, old clients feedback, portfolios and other things that build trust for their satisfaction.

While some client directly comes at your blog and find the portfolios to place an order. If they don’t find companies portfolios and another trustworthy staff, then they just leave the blog due to the un-satisfaction. So make it easy for them, try to put your company testimonials and portfolios so your new client can trust you and to build the strong liaison with old clients.

Avoid Guest Posting, TheBig Blogging Error

Talking about guest posting, I ever find new bloggers and businesses they don’t participate in guest posting. They think it’s the time wasting thing for them. But according to in consideration, they are thinking wrong, and it’s the big blogging error. Because guest posting is the best way to reach a wider audience, to tell the audience about your company, to make new relations. However, it takes some time and little bit effort to find the blogs who accept the guest post, but it defiantly works for new business and bloggers.

Here I would like to suggest you one thing that, If you are new in this field you don’t need to find millions of page visitors blog for the guest posting. Just find the small blogs and write for them. If you are looking for big blogs to reach millions of people, then you are wasting your time.

Not Working On Marketing Strategies

Just writing an article for your blog and forgetting about marketing strategies is another blogging error.You need to develop marketing strategies to market your blog. Without marketing, you can’t reach at a maximum number of audience.  You can use the different tools for marketing purpose.

Here Are The Few Marketing Tools

  1. Facebook
  2. Pinterest
  3. Twitter
  4. Newsletter
  5. Instagram

Small Business always looks for low budget or free tools to promote their business So, above mentioned tools you can use free to promote your website on the web.

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