5 Ways How To Gain More Likes And Followers On Facebook

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Social media is one of the key factors that shape today’s digital age. Whether you’re an individual looking for a job, or a business looking for clients, tapping into these platforms can really help you achieve great things. But as in any other business framework, you still have to work hard to fulfill these successes.

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Let us narrow it down to the single, most powerful online platform of all time– Facebook. Everyone is on this platform because:
(1) Keeping in touch has never been easier;
(2) It is a major marketing force in every niche and industry;
(3) It gives you the freedom to share, engage, and interact with your social network, and much more! In order to maximize these benefits, you must first gain enough likes and followers first. Otherwise, your online presence won’t be felt.


Here are 5 ways to help you gain more likes and followers on the world’s leading online platform.


Think like a visitor.

If you have a business, you’ll want to harness the platform’s great influence as a marketing boost, but this is easier said than done. While the platform is certainly a powerful tool to establish your online presence and extend your reach, there are certain unspoken marketing rules you have to consider. When posting, for instance, people don’t want to see a fresh new post from your handle per minute. This is also known as “spamming one’s newsfeed,” and it can get annoying really quick. There are other ways to annoy people on social media, and the best way to avoid this is to think like a visitor. This technique is also great for when you want to try out certain marketing campaigns.


Create share-worthy content.

One of the quickest ways to grow your business is to create share-worthy content. Your posts won’t reach your desired number of views if they don’t get distributed across networks. In the digital age, you want to aim for “viral” if you want to gain overnight success. One way to do this is by being relatable. Incorporate today’s biggest trends into your content. You can even toss in a few memes to get people’s attention. The platform doesn’t only award interesting content creators their 15 minutes of fame. It could extend to way beyond just that.


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Invest on paid ads.

Needless to say, Facebook is the number one platform for businesses. In fact, it even has its own advertising platform that you can take advantage of to boost your online presence. By shelling out a few dollars on paid ads, you can appear in the newsfeeds of people who may be interested in your brand. The great thing about this platform is that you can easily customize your ad campaigns for a more narrowed or broadened target reach. You can even include common interests into the equation to get a better chance at achieving likes, followers, and shares.

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Take advantage of analytics.

Not every marketing campaign works, but you can always study certain analytics to improve your future campaigns. The platform’s Page Insights feature is a good way to start. You’ll also identify which types of posts are the most effective in obtaining likes, shares, and followers. If you want a better understanding of your page in terms of other KPIs, you may use third-party analytics and marketing tools such as Kissmetrics and Hootsuite to your advantage.


Build a community.

One of the most crucial steps in developing your business on the platform is to interact with your followers and be as responsive as possible. Create marketing campaigns based on your existing following and encourage people to spread the word. People want a more personalized approach when it comes to responses, so have your social media managers respond in the most human way possible for maximum follower retention.


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Conclusio: As a final note, don’t ever quit your marketing efforts. Facebook can be a very unpredictable platform, and what might not work today may do tomorrow. We hope you use these 5 top strategies to your advantage. If you know someone who might be in dire need of these tips, then share this article with them now.

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