5 Tools Everyone In The Social Media Industry Should Be Using

Social media is emerging as one of the strongest and highly visible platform for businesses. Knowing how to leverage the power of this medium can work wonders for the growth and progress of your business. At the same time, social media is evolving at an exceptionally fast pace. Even the best social media marketing experts are finding it difficult to comprehend sure-fire ways of using social media for success. Thankfully, there are a few social media tools that can help in utilizing the power of this medium to the hilt regardless of the constant churning it undergoes.

Headline Analyzer

Your headline is the part of the content that grabs attention first and that’s why it must the most important part of the content. As David Ogilvy rightly said, “The headline is the ‘ticket on the meat.’ Use it to flag down readers who are prospects for the kind of product you are advertising.”

A good, catchy and even humorous headline can make a difference between a hit and a miss, literally. Make sure you check your headlines before sending your content online. Headline Analyzer is a great tool as helps you understand the kind of impact your headlines can make. Use it to make a difference to the kind of response your content will get on social media channels.

Google Analytics:

If you want to know what type of content is working for your readers, you need Google Analytics. Acknowledged by top social media marketing experts as one of the best free tools available, it can help you achieve the kind of reach you want for your content on top social media platforms. Google Analytics makes an invaluable social media management tool because it can also provide information about visitor source. The free traffic analyzer can also be connected to mobile apps.


Slack is a platform designed to help a team communicate and coordinate while working on a project. They can share data, images and links in real time and save time and effort. The idea of launching this tool was to make teamwork smooth and seamless, specifically for individuals of a team that do not share the same physical space. But wait, there’s more. By using Slack, all your data, documents and files are automatically indexed and archived and can be accessed within minutes when needed. Slack makes it easy to find one specific message from your entire hoard of files.


If you are an avid social media buff, you must have heard of it already. Most social media optimization experts recommend it because they believe that it is a must-have tool to remain in control over your social media operations. The reference here is to Hootsuite. It is being used by millions across the globe to market their business more efficiently online.

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There are a variety of features available to help you manage your content and measure responses. You simply have to add the social media channels you intend to use for your content and then post the same content to all selected channels in one simple click.

You can even attach pictures and shorten links conveniently. Hootsuite comes with paid features that gives you access to detailed analytics and insights. Most digital marketers have given this vibrant tool a thumbs up.

Keyword Research Tool:

You need a keyword research tool to know which keywords to give importance and use as your main keywords in the content. A good keyword tool, according to digital marketing experts, will help you know about the search volume and also suggest newer and relevant keywords that you can focus on for enhanced reach. There are many advanced keyword research tools available. The one from Hubspot looks better than most others.

With the right tools and the knowledge of how to use them for best effect, you can do exceedingly well on social media sites even if you are not exactly an IT geek.


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