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5 Social Media Analysis Tools That Will Do Maths For You

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When you are doing social media marketing for your business, it becomes necessary to track which strategy is working and which is not.

After all, you have invested your money, time, and effort in developing every single strategy. Only when you are able to track their performance will you be able to make the necessary changes and develop new strategies for getting the outcome you want.

For this particular purpose, you need a social media analytics tool.

Now, another question comes, which one should you use?

The Reason Behind Why You Need Social Media Analysis Tools

Social media analysis tools assist you in creating performance reports of your social media strategies and campaigns. This way, you will be able to monitor which is working and which is not.

These tools help you in finding answers to the following questions. 

  • Should you post more Instagram next month?
  • Is Pinterest posting worth your business?
  • This year, which were your top posts on LinkedIn?
  • What type of posts do your followers like to comment on?
  • Which particular network drove the mist brand awareness for your product launch?

5 Social Media Analysis Tools That Will Do Maths For You

We are writing the article for you to provide you with some popular and effective social media analysis tools, which you can use when you are looking for ways to monitor and evaluate the performance of your social media strategies.

You can download any of this software from https://thenewpiratebay.org/.

Tool 1: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the top social media analysis tools. Here, you can check how much leads and traffic follow from your social media channels to your website. In case you are working for a web-based business, you must utilize the potential of Google Analytics.

You can use this tool for the following.

  •  With demographic data, get to know your audiences.
  • Check which social media platform is offering you the most traffic.
  • Check which content is driving the most leads and traffic on which particular social networks.
  • Calculate the Return on Investment or ROI of your social media campaigns.

Tool 2: Hootsuite Analytics

This paid tool is a perfect fit for all beginners to intermediate users. Here you can get all the performance data from each social network in a single place with easy-to-understand reports.

You might not know that most social media platforms come with built-in analytics tools. It becomes really tough to manage every social media metric differently. That is why Hootsuite offers you a one-stop solution for all.

Here are the social post metrics you will be able to get.

  • Clicks.
  • Reach.
  • Comments.
  • Impressions.
  • Engagement rate.
  • Saves.
  • Shares.
  • Video reach.
  • Video views.

Tool 3: UTM Parameters

This free tool lets you check how much conversions and web traffic your social media campaigns and channels generate. You can use this amazing tool along with a web analytics platform, such as Google Analytics.

UTM parameters are majorly short pieces of code attached to the particulate links you are sharing on your social media handles. Too precisely, they tell you the number of people who have interacted with your content and also have ended up on your website.

Tool 4: Brandwatch

This paid tool offers you a complete solution for checking almost every metric when you are going with digital marketing. Along with social media analytics, Brandwatch also lets you analyze and track data from over 95 million sources, such as review sites, forums, and blogs.

If you are in the communication, PR team, or one of the social media marketers, and focusing on brand monitoring and engagement, this is the perfect tool for you. Here you are getting reports with 5 social media analytics report templates, which are easy-to-use.

They are as follows.

  • Summary.
  • Trends.
  • Reputation.
  • Influencers.
  • Competitor comparison.

Tool 5: Talkwalker

Talkwalker is another paid tool that is designed for intermediate to advanced levels. In order to analyze potential reach, sentiment, emotions, comments, and engagement, here, you can monitor conversation from over 150 million sources.

In case you are looking for analytics, which is obviously related to social conversions but beyond our owned social properties, you must consider Talkwalker. These analytics include the following.

  • Author lists.
  • Important influencers.
  • Brand sentiment.
  • Mentions.

The add-on benefit is, here you can filter the results by device, demographics, region, type of content, and a lot more things.

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