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4 Ideas to Simplify High-Quality Content Creation

  • October 20 2016
  • Shamsher

As a content marketer, you are probably familiar with the difficulties of producing a consistently new and quality stream of content for your various marketing campaigns. And developing a high-quality content with sufficient relevance for your target audience is a bit of time-consuming procedure.

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But there are few approaches, which prove that the speed and quality don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Because if you are knowledgeable on a particular topic, you can easily create quality content in a quick manner.

When you stuck to create a high-quality content that helps to increase brand awareness, educate your potential audience and generate qualified leads, at that time you might go out of ideas for the new topic. Well, for the solution of such situations, here I am sharing four approaches which will help you to generate new ideas, store and manage those ideas and crafting high-quality content. Let’s get started.

#1. Develop A Knowledge Bank

Knowledge bank is a shield to your content marketing strategy, which works as a secret content marketing weapon. What precisely a knowledge bank? Well, knowledge bank is a central location where your company’s thoughts, ideas, insights, bookmarks and more can be stored and referenced by you and your team members.

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The key here is to ensure that you and your team are active in collecting information to optimize potential benefits. Growing a knowledge bank is a complex task, but with the knowledge management template, you can quickly start filling the bank with quotes, entire articles, answers to industry specific questions and other information to curate the future content. The best part about developing knowledge bank is that you can easily create a new article without wasting time behind the thought process.

#2. Run a List of Customer Questions

To build trust, nurture leads and to position your company as a worthwhile solution provider, running a list of customers’ questions is a great way. For this, you need to take a help of your sales team, and they can be proved as your best buddies to run a list of clients’ questions.

The only reason is that sales person directly interacts with the exact audience you are waiting for. So ask them to send regularly asked questions which they hear from the customers. This will provide you an extensive list of potential topics to generate high-quality content. By solving customers’ questions through your story will help you to gain knowledge and also contribute to increasing engagement with potential readers.

#3. Store and Answer To Articles You Disagree With

This is a great starting point for high-quality content creation. If you find content that is related to your industry and find areas that the author failed to explain precisely. You probably have an opportunity to compile counter-argument.

Also, you can create a new content like as a blog post, if you land upon a topic that is common or overused. But, you have to find your unique way to build one.

#4. Regenerate the Old Content With Some Fresh Content

Times change so does the trend in the content marketing. Thus, it is important to recreate your old content. Recreating the old content means to extend the life of every article that you have written in past months or even years. With recreating, you already have a head start on the creation process, and the best part is that you can boost SEO of your old content.

Streamline your content creation process across your organization with these 4 approaches to ensure that you and your team create high-quality content.

What has your experience been with streamlining content creation process? Share your experience with us and if you have any other approach that I have missed on this list feel free to share it.

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