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Top 5 Free SEO Plugin for WordPress Blog/Website

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In this article Top 5 Best Free SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Plugin In WordPress 2020, we described the plugins which increase the WordPress SEO, according to productive installs and rating. SEO will be the main factor that every blogger would like to do. As we discussed inside our previous post the SEO might be improved by installing plugins similar to “Yoast SEO Plugin” and “All In One SEO Plugin”.

Let’s see a brief overview of the 5 free SEO plugins for your WordPress website & blog listed below.

WordPress SEO By Yoast Plugin

It is the best and free SEO plugin. It fulfills the website with the XML sitemap. It makes understand a user about how well a post/page is optimized before it is published. We also get an optimized setting panel once it is installed. It also includes page analysis, social marketing, meta tags, etc.

All In One SEO Plugin

This plugin comes with an advantage in generating meta labels and optimizing title tags. It is quite useful for integrating our web page with e-Commerce. It has the particular feature of Google Analytics Assist, XML sitemap, Social integration, auto-adding meta-tags.

WP Social SEO Booster

Website promotion is important for every blogger. The key factor which makes the website promotion is social marketing like Facebook, twitter. Though Yoast has an option for integrating with social media, it has a certain limit. A comprehensive plugin which is known as “WP Social SEO Booster” automatically implements Rich Snippets Tagging for all your Content. The best future is it can optimize with other SEO plugins like Yoast, All In One plugin.

Platinum SEO Pack Plugin

It gives all the functionality that an “All In OneSEO ” plugin gives. It also offers finish online SEO solution. A lot of the other features which no other plugin has become Add index, index, abide by or no-follow, good, no dir, no repository, no snippet meta tag cloud to any post/page.

SEO Ultimate Plugin

This is completely an SEO friendly plugin. SEO Ultimate can be an All-In-One plugin with these strong features like 404 Monitor, Permalink Tweaker, etc., It also performs meta description editor, title tag rewriter, Publisher highlighter, Open graph integrator, 404 Observe, etc.,



Conclusion: These are the five best free SEO plugin for your WordPress blog and site. check each plugin’s features and use according to your requirement. Most Bloggers use Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress it is the most popular SEO plugin of this time.

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Landing Pages for WordPress

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