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21 Most Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies

  • July 3 2022
  • Shamsher

Before starting with the strategies, let’s look at why it is important to have effective Instagram marketing strategies. 

With over one billion monthly active and 500 million daily users, Instagram has become more than a social media photo-sharing app. It has become one of the biggest marketing tools. 

Instagram is flourishing every day and bringing new features that fit businesses and brand holders more. Influencers have taken much advantage of Instagram and made space for them.

Do you really need Instagram marketing strategies for your business?

Yes, you do!

Thinking of something big that you want to achieve but have no plans or strategies for, how does it look? Obviously, Odd!.

If you seriously want to develop your business and increase its consumers, then you must adopt  Instagram marketing strategies to raise your level of business and marketing techniques.

Following are 21 effective marketing strategies for Instagram:

  • Specify and Define Your Goals (What You Want?)

Starting a business and not knowing about the goal is the worst thing you can do. If you have a business and want to make it flourish, you need to specify your goals that must be advanced and niche-oriented. 

Ask yourself questions like:

What do you want to do?

What do you want to achieve?

Do you want more sales?

Do you want more clients?

Answering these questions will help define your goals. 

  1. Specify Your Audience:

After defining your goals, you need to specify and define your audience. After knowing your audience, you will be able to understand their interest and create better content that complies with what they want. 

To know your audience, understand your products and niche. What services you are providing, and to whom it benefits the most. For example, if you are running a fitness blog or a business with products related to health and business, you must understand your target audience. 

  1. Focus on QUALITY, not Quantity:

More focus should be on creating content that adds quality. Creating to increase your number of posts will not do any good. Quality is the key. Adding some value to their lives will attract more people to your account. Value can be added with quality, not quantity.

  1. Building a Content Calendar to Ensure Consistency:

Another marketing strategy that you must opt for is building a content calendar. You can achieve consistency with this calendar as you will stay motivated to add more value to your content. Unusual posting patterns do not flourish, and many people do not see the content. 

  1. Switch to Business Profile:

Another most neglected thing by Instagram marketers is they neglect the importance of switching to a business profile. Switching to a business profile gives you various options and different insights. It helps you turn it into a professional account according to the niche you have specified and the goals you have defined. 

  1. Work on Your BIO:

This point is also neglected by most of the Instagram business profiles. They do not understand the importance of bio and deem it as fun. 

Bio is very important to phrase out as it must reflect your services and quality. People must understand what your business has to serve and what value they derive from your account. Therefore, it must be concrete, self-reflecting, brief, and catchy. 

You must add a link to your other social media accounts or a URL to your official website in the bio. 

  1. Standing Out through Innovation:

Your profile must not be monotonous and should add value to your followers and the people visiting it by innovation. You should add creative content so that people can understand the difference.

Standing out does not mean adding controversial content but giving more thought and creative insights to the content you post.

  1. Posting on the Right Time:

It is a very effective marketing strategy for Instagram users. Posting quality content consistently is not enough. Hence, you need to post at the right time if you want to widen your audience and achieve your goals.

Understand your audience, and then figure out what must be posting hours for you. Post at a specific time after looking into when your followers are most active. The more your followers get your content, the more the chances are that your content will reach new accounts. 

To understand your audience is most active, check out insights into your business profile.

  1. Using Different Formats of Posting Content:

Never be monotonous by posting through one format. Always try to use multiple formats. Use Stories, IGTV, Reels, and IG Live to show your presence. 

Only using photo sharing or video sharing will not bring higher engagement. Statistics have shown that different users prefer using different formats. 

  1. Using Effective Hashtags and Captions:

Be innovative with the use of captions. Use brief and catchy captions that define your business. Try avoiding the use of long captions with verbosity. Use as much simple language as possible to be readable by a wider range of audiences. 

Also, hashtags must not be random and should be niche-oriented. Using different hashtags with the thought that it will give you wilder reach will do more bad than good. 

  1. Using Appealing Aesthetics:

The use of esthetic themes for content is underestimated. The more aesthetically approved your content will be, the more chances it will be liked by many. 

Use aesthetics that suit your niche and stance. It will help you create a distinct identity.

  1. Building brand Personality and Awareness:

To get your brand recognized by many, consider increasing your brand awareness. As discussed above, creating content with innovation and using distinct features and aesthetics will help you build a different brand personality.

  1. Contests and Giveaways:

This is another most effective marketing strategy for Instagram. To maximize your audience and reach and build brand identification, you should conduct contests and giveaways. 

Setting conditions and then announcing winners gives you a chance to showcase your credibility and increase brand awareness. Asking contestants to participate and conditionally asking them to help your voice reach a wider audience will get your account maximum benefits. 

  1. Share UGCs:

Sharing user-generated content will be very beneficial. Sharing photos or videos with your products will increase your reach and credibility as a trustworthy brand.

  1. Influencer Partnership:

Do partnership with the Instagram influencer. It will increase brand awareness among the masses. Many influencers with a massive followers base; can do paid or unpaid collaborations or partnerships with your business. It will promote your products to more audiences, and there are chances of getting more reach and more followers cum customers. 

  1. Analyze the strategies of Competitors:

Doing Instagram marketing for your account must be optimal. One of the essential things to get ideas about effective marketing strategies is to follow your competitors. Watch out for who they follow and how they show their presence. 

Using their strategies with different tools can be a good idea to market your IG account and business

  1. Stories and IG Live:

 You must show your presence in your Instagram profile. If you do not show your presence as a human being through voice or face, there are chances that your account will be shadowbanned. Instagram deems such accounts with no human presence as bots or spam. 

Posting Stories or Reels or conducting live sessions can be great to ensure your presence. 

  1. Meaningful Engagement:

Use tactics to increase meaningful engagement. It can be done by asking for people’s opinions by conducting polls or asking questions. Fun activities can be conducted through Q/A sessions. 

Moreover, ensuring your presence in the DMs and comments can also be a marketing tool for your account. 

  1. Cross Promotion and Investment:

It will help if you cross-promote your account along with other social media accounts. It will increase your brand awareness and reach.

However, investing in marketing to buy social followers or buy organic followers can be a good option to increase your followers base, which will then increase your account’s reach. 

  1. Tracking Your Progress:

 To see what you need to do more and on what marketing feature you should focus more, frequently look into the insights. They give statistical information on the progress of your account. It shows how many accounts you reached and how many engagements were achieved. 

Such data reveals the day and weekly progress of your account. 

  1. Getting Growth Services:

You can also get a growth service for your account that can provide you with real and organic followers. Also, service providers use different techniques to market on social media and effectively maximize their audience and followers. 

Final Note:

You can see how much bigger a platform Instagram has become for businesses. Using it effectively and following these Instagram marketing strategies can boost your business value.

You can work hard on your account or get growth services through small investments to optimize and maximize your consumers. 

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