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11 Best Blogs to Follow About TWITTER

Twitter is one of the leading social networking sites of today. Thus, more and more people would like to know further everything about it. Here are some good reads you can visit about varying aspects of Twitter.

  • The Real History of Twitter– Millions of people is fond of using Twitter regularly, but only a proportion knows how exactly it all started. To know the real history of Twitter, this source will surely bring you an accurate view of their startup quest.
  • 10 Most Followed People on Twitter Who Aren’t Celebrities– The previous link highlights the big celebrities and most influential personas who made it to the top of Twitter’s most followed list. This time, check out whom among the non- celebrities in the planet obtained the most number of followers on Twitter.

The internet is the biggest source of the most meaningful reads. These are just some of the posts that could be of help to feed you useful and interesting data. Should you have more mind-boggling questions about Twitter, feel free to utilize the vastness of the web to scout for answers.

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