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10 Top Digital Marketing Institute in Pune

  • October 5 2019
  • Shamsher

10 Top Digital Marketing Institute in Pune

The digital marketing skills are in greater demand these days. Unfortunately, the skill gap in the niche is widening too, therefore increasing the prospect for jobs in digital marketing. There are many giants in the industry looking for professional digital marketers and hence it is the right time to pursue a career in digital marketing. Being the hub of information technology, Pune has no dearth in the institutes offering digital marketing courses. Choosing a career path in digital marketing orbit is always profitable, but to offer comprehensive and quality Digital Marketing in the niche you have to be equipped with all the aspects and knowledge of internet marketing. These are where digital marketing institutes in Pune come to your rescue, offering you reliable courses and programs on digital marketing.

  1. Premium School of Digital Marketing

It is one of the reputed digital marketing institutes in Pune that focuses on offering the best training and developing strategies that can help students to gain the required knowledge in the field. It has successfully trained over 8000 students and equipped every student with the right knowledge using their well structured and systematically designed 11 modules.

  1. LIPS India

Another digital marketing institute in Pune is LIPS India that focuses on bridging the gap between the evolving business outlook and present education framework. It educates the students to recognize the different methods and gaps using their effective training modules which benefit the students for a longer run.

  1. Optimized Infotech

Optimized Infotech is the best coaching center in Pune offering the best in class digital marketing courses since its inception back in 2011. This institute is Google Adwords Certified and it can help students to learn all the creative methodologies of digital marketing that can help meet the business needs efficiently.


  1. Sourcecode

Sourcecode has garnered the reputation of the best digital marketing institute in Pune by consistently delivering intense training courses in digital marketing and IT for job seekers and corporate, therefore helping them to enhance their skills in the domain. It also offers live project experience as well as placement.

  1. Digital Trainee

This is another top digital marketing institute in Pune that is focused on offering trainees with the best teaching methodologies in digital marketing. It is the first of it is kind practical digital marketing institute that is equipped with expert faculty and industry-experienced teachers.

  1. Human Catalyst

Human Catalyst is the top coaching center in Pune that specializes in digital marketing courses. The institute promises to deliver working professionals that are capable of meeting the specific digital marketing needs of modern companies. It even offers soft skills training to young aspirants to excel.

  1. TIP

Training Institute Pune is another leading provider of digital marketing courses that conduct a variety of programs for software fields. It is the subsidiary of Optimized Infotech and it focuses purely on training and IT services.

  1. Victorious Digital

It is one of the top-rated digital marketing institutes in Pune that was established back in 2014 with the aim to create polished professionals in the booming niche of online marketing. You will find programs that help you to explore the core of digital marketing and also learn about the best development strategies in the field. The program comprises of 42 modules that cover all aspects of digital marketing.

  1. Bizcode Digital

This is the reliable digital marketing institute in Pune that not only focuses on offering digital marketing courses but also offer Google Adwords and Analytics Certification that comprises of 75% of practical and 25% of a theoretical part and also ensures to offer live projects.

  1. EduPristine

EduPristine is another leading digital marketing institute in Pune which specializes in offering both offline and online training courses to students. The courses offered here was very affordable and you can enjoy world-class training at this institute.

So, these were the top 10 digital marketing institutes in Pune which are worth considering when it comes to pursuing the digital marketing courses or programs to make a career in the field. All reputed and reliable digital marketing companies like Digiexcel.com prefer to have the best brains in the field and to become competent in digital marketing you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge and training.

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