10 Local SEO Tools To Improve Your Local Business Listing Ranking


Local SEO Tools To Improve Your Local Listing Rank

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Local search is the use of specialized Internet search engines that allow users to submit geographically constrained searches against a structured database of local business listings. Business information can also be distributed via the traditional Yellow Pages, electronic Yellow Pages aggregators, and search engine optimization services. So here I am sharing the top 10 business listing services that are helpful in SEO. read more on Wikipedia

In this blog post, I am sharing 10  best Local SEO Tools that you can use to make life easier and these tools will help you to rank your local listing with almost no efforts.

GMB Everywhere

Tool overview:
GMB Everywhere – GMB Audit Tool is a must have if you work with Local SEO (GMB). With this tool you will be able to do competitor analysis of other business and learn from them. With the tool you will be able to see the primary and additional category a business has selected right on Google Maps. In addition, you can audit a local business(including review) which will provide you a treasure trove of information about the business. Do check out the tool at GMBEverywhere.com


Tool Overview:

Moz has introduced a tool called MozLocal which not only manages your local business listings but also helps you to claim and verify your listing submissions in various local listing websites like Google Business, Bing Local and Yelp.

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MozLocal works closely with data aggregators to push listings to top and ensure that your business is visible on the web.

MozLocal Tool Cost: $84 per year per location which includes verification and listing both.



Synup Tool Overview:

Synup is an integrated tool-set that includes local listing management, review monitoring as well as analytics of local listing ranking.

The good thing about the Synup software is that it possibly has the most comprehensive list of directories that you can check, to see if you have obtainable citations on them as well as create or fix listings on.

In local Citation building is often the most time-consuming part of Local SEO and this tool can save you many hours which you’d have to otherwise spend manually identify citations and fixing them for your best local optimization.



Cost of Synup: $1.5 one-time per listing created and $5 per month per location for review monitoring



Tool Overview:

Yext is most probably the first and the only automated local listing management tool on web. Yext is good option if you’re trying to get your listing data populated immediately on the web and also offer the ability to update your information in real-time for your local business listing.

Yext tool also offers review monitoring, analytics and widgets in addition to local listing management.


Cost of Yext Tool: $500 per location per year; an additional $499 per year for duplicate suppression.


UBL Local Management

Tool Overview:

UBL tool is a combination of direct and aggregator submissions for listings UBL services is not just available in USA they cover Canada, UK and Australia as well.

UBL tool offers audit reporting to find any false information about your business online and visibility reporting to identify any mentions of your business on the internet.

UBL Cost: $79 per year for UBL local listing management tool.



Tool Overview: 

Localeze can help your local business improve its visibility by distributing your listings to more than 150+ local directories and search engines locally.

The Localeze platform ensures that you can verify, manage and enhance your business listings across the web. Being one of the major aggregators of local business data information, you can use Localeze service to update your feed every month and they will update it on various sites as well.

Localeze Cost: $25 per month per location for using localize



Tool Overview:

Single Platform tool makes it easy to control your business listings by updating all your information such as NAP, menus, products and services all through a single dashboard of a single platform as its name is a single platform.

Single Platform also allows you to publish the same business information to various search engines and review sites.

Tool Cost: $99 per month using a single platform.



Tool Overview:

Placeable local tool offers a tool called Workbench to automate the process of local listing by which your location data is updated and enriched in various local business listing sites.

Placeable tool allows you to import business information and evaluate the value of the data, monitor your progress and confirm your location data. It’s also great for improving your content and automatically.

Placeable Cost: Their plans start at $2 per business location per month with a platform fee of $299


Advice Local

Tool Overview:

Advice Local tool helps you improve your organic search results by creating and fixing your listings on local directories and business.

Once you enter local business data into Advice Local, they submit manually your information to 50+ local business directories and ensure stability in NAP. All the local business content relevant to your business is collected and optimized for local search results.

Cost: The initial cost is $150 and an additional $20 each month.



Tool Overview:

BrightLocal has a user-friendly interface to set up local business listing campaigns, choose the citations you want and obtain detailed reports on your progress for local business optimization.

Bright Local operates in the US, Canada, Australia and UK Local Business Listing.

Bright Local Cost: $20 per month for up to 3 locations either in the US  or outside USA local business.



Tool Overview:

Yelp is an American multinational corporation headquartered in San Francisco, California. It develops, hosts and markets Yelp.com and the Yelp mobile app, which publish crowd-sourced reviews about local business.

Bright Local Cost: $20 per month for up to 3 locations either in the US or outside USA local business.


Conclusion:  Using local listing service is a smart way to get your business visibility locally in your town and state it will help Google to serve your business to people searching from the location your business is based in.

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