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10 Blog Hosted Services For Your Domain

Your blog looks better on your own domain name!

Customize your personal blog with a domain name. It’s so easy to set up using your own domain to host a blog dashboard and it can be combined with the best email hosting services provider. So you just need to pay for mail, not for your blog content server hosting.

  1. Blogger

    Google’s popular hosted blog service. Post articles, photos, or videos on your own domain name. Visit Here

  2. TypePad

    Professional blog software for businesses and journalists. Free 14-day trial period available. Visit Here

  3.  WP Engine

    Premium service offering fast, secure and reliable hosting for WordPress blogs. Visit Here

  4. Ghost

    Ghost is a next-generation blog hosting platform that lets you focus on writing. Visit Here

  5. Squarespace

    All-in-one hosted solution for businesses, bloggers, musicians, podcasters, designers, and more. Visit Here

  6. Tumblr

    Free blog hosting for your domain name. Tumblr is fun to use and makes sharing content easy. Visit Here

  7. Page.ly

    Fully managed, secure, and scalable WordPress blog hosting for passionate Bloggers. Visit Here

  8. Known

    Simple, social publishing platform for your blog, website, or personal status updates. Visit Here

  9. Soup

    Remix the web. Soup.io is perfect for sharing stuff, your lifestream, or tumblelog. It’s free too! Visit Here

  10. Breezi

    Website creation tool for designers. Design, edit and publish beautiful interactive sites in record time. Visit Here

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Conclusion:  There are two ways you can publish your blogging either by hosting it on any Hosted Blog Services Provider like blogspot.com so your blog address will be yourname.blogspot.com  or hosting on your own custom domain (www.yourname.com or blog.yourname.com).

for this you need to buy your name and hosting will be used from these hosted blog providers so above I have listed 10 hosted blog services where you can signup for a blog and you can use your own domain name like yourname.com  instead of yourname.hostedblog.com

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